How to SAP Mass Download of ABAP Download Programs in HTML/TEXT format


SAP Mass Download: The following program offers to mass download of SAP sources ( ABAP Download source code to your local PC/Mac) .

First, it scans the source code as well as text and documentation in order to import the most important pieces to save programs locally as HTML pages or plain Texts.
The headline of this article are

  • Create the Program
  • Launching the program
  • Output Format and destination
  • Extra parameters
  • Code source

Create the SAP Mass ABAP Download Program

Here the different step to create a new SAP ABAP Report to perform Mass Download of ABAP codes with different criteria.

( Make sure you have the requested authorizations and a SAP Development key in order to implement this SAP Report)

  1. Go to SE38, and create a new program with?ZDTP_MASSDOWNLOAD.
  2. Open the source code Mass Download 1.X.X.txt and copy/paste it into the SE38 program.
  3. Activate the program. Check if it is free of error. It is ready to be executed.

Launching the SAP ABAP Mass Download

This program allows you mass download not only ABAP sources but also:

  • Tables, Structures and Tables Types: that can be find in SE11 for SAP DDIC Elements that you want to download locally. It selects also the Structures extension to standard tables/structures )
  • Messages Classes: ( you can manage Message Classes and Messages in the SAP Tcode SE91 )
  • Functions modules: It works for both function group and function module
  • XSLT Transformation: Here an other pain point of ABAP: Conversion of XML file within ABAP Code
  • Classes: Select if you want to download specific ABAP OO Code ( Classes Interfaces + Classes + Methods + Class Attributes )
  • ABAP Programs: back to the basic: any ABAP reports or ABAP Includes ( go to SE80 or SE38 )

Here a screenshot with all the “Objects to download” available to download ABAP source code to local.

SAP Mass Download Objects to Download

SAP Mass Download Output

The Mass Download program can save ABAP sources into 2 different formats:

  • HTML Document ( with links between different files called in the main ABAP Program for sample) – this is my preferred one !
  • Text Document ( plat format )

SAP Mass Download Format

The output destination can be set to :

  • SAP server: by passing a Logical File Name
  • Locally: by passing File path to a local folder.

SAP Mass Download Destination

It is self-explanatory no need to add.

Check also?4 Alternatives to download files from AL11 in SAP

SAP Mass Download Extra parameters

You can set extra parameters for the SAP Mass Download Programs.

For examples:

  1. Setting the language to retrieve text and messages
  2. Filtering by Packages
  3. Downloading only Custom objects
  4. Filtering on SAP Objects modified by a specific user

SAP Mass Download ABAP Code source

To download the program, check this link
Just unzip the Mass Download file and go to Mass Download 1.X.X.txt.


If you are working for different SAP project, this SAP ABAP Mass Download report is very useful in order to reuse what you have already done and avoid loosing a lot of time downloading the ABAP Source Code individually file by file.