How to Delete SAP CRM Product – Step by Step Guide

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How to Delete SAP CRM Product ? – a step by step SAP Tutorials guide how to delete a SAP Customer Relationship Management Product .

Find the different steps to delete Product in CRM. In addition, if you want to go further, an easy guide to enhance/ customize the SAP standard tools to delete a SAP CRM Product based on additional criteria.?

Delete SAP CRM Product Step by step

Enable SAP CRM Product Deletion

As there is no authorization check for the SAP CRM Product Deletion Transaction code, you must enable this tcode directly using SE16.

Follow these steps to allow COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_SINGLE :

  1. Execute Transaction SE11 to display SAP DDIC
  2. Choose Database Table = COMC_PR_TOOL_REG. ?This table is for?Registration for Auxiliary/Correction/Reset Programs
  3. Click on Display Button to displace table content .
  4. Click on Utilities -> Table Contents -> Create Entries.
  5. Add a new entries with the following data:
    • User Name = “your SAP User”
    • Exec Date = Current Date.
  6. Click on Save Button
    • The Program COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_SINGLE is now registred for SAP CRM Producgt Deletion

Execute SAP CRM Product Deletion Report

One the above entry is added to the COMC_PR_TOOL_REG SAP Table, you can delete the SAP Customer Relationship Product.

Follow these simple Step to delete SAP CRM Product:

  1. Go to transaction SE38 for SAP ABAP Report Tcode.
  2. Enter the standard report COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_SINGLE.
  3. Click on Execute Button (F8) to run the previous report .
  4. Enter the following details of the products that you want to delete and then click on Execute Button.
    • Product ID =?“Put your Product Id”
    • Product Type = 01 ( for example 01 for Material type )?
    • Logical System = “Choose your Logical System … you can use the help search”
    • Product Family ( not mandatory )
    • Simulation – No Deletion = ‘Unchecked’ ( checked for testing)?

-> The Product is deleted !

Delete all SAP CRM Product

If your requirement is to delete all the products in SAP CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ), you should replace

CAUTION: This will delete all CRM PRODUCT, So Make sure what are doing before running this report.

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How to run COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL in Background

Delete SAP CRM Products may take a longtime to run. So you may consider to run the COMM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL in Background.

In order to perform that, you have to create a custom ABAP Report based on the standard one and remove the dialog ‘Confirmation PopUp’ Perform.

To read more on how Pop Ups are handled in ABAP, go to?ABAP PopUp: Types and Samples codes?,?Display Popup Window in WebDynpro Abap?and?Step by Step Guide how to Debug Popup Screen in SAP ABAP.

Here the step by step tutorial how to run COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL in background:

  1. Copy the report COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL into a Z report?e.g. ZOM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL.
  2. Change the Constant gc_program on Line 17 to ZOM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL.
  3. Comment the code ‘PERFORM confirmation_popup’ on line 85.
  4. Register the report ZOM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL in COMC_PR_TOOL_REG.
  5. Schedule the report ZOM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL to run in background.

Source: How to run report COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_ALL in the background

Enhancement for SAP CRM Product?Deletion

If you make a filter to delete only SAP CRM Products based on some specific criteria or based on some extra authorizations check.

Copy the standard delete SAP CRM Product Report COM_PRODUCT_DELETE*.

Replace in the first section, the COM_PRODUCT_DELETE* by your custom ABAP Report.