Step by Step Guide how to Debug Popup Screen in SAP ABAP

handle PopUp in ABAP

Debug Popup Screen in ABAP can be helpfull to follow/understand the processing of ABAP flow.
The ‘/h’ doesn’t work in this case. I added the most common Debugging command for ABAP reports.

Debug a standard SAP ABAP Report

At first, the SAP offers in standard a very powerfull debugging tools .
The New generation of debugger is just awesome.
I personnaly, prefer the Desktop 3 mode when you have two columns: ABAP code processing on a side and Variables Value in the other side.

  • /h : it is the basic command used to run the SAP standard debugger
  • /hs: it is like the first one /h with allowing the system debugging
  • /ha: it starts the debugger. All the screen processing will be skipped. The first debugging point is an ABAP instructure
  • /hmusa : it will start the ABAP debugger and create memory snapshot. This memory Snapshot can analysed with the standard transaction S_MEMORY_INSPECTOR

Debug Popup screen in ABAP

In order to debug a popup follow these steps:

    1. Create a file with notepad, the content of the file must be:
    2. Save the file as debug.bat: if you can not save it directly into .bat, save it first to a .txt then rename the extension to .bat.
    3. Drag and drop this file to the SAP Popup : Do that before clicking the action (validation or closing the popup ).
    4. you should have “Debugging Switched On” :ABAP debug popup screen in abap

    If you saw that, it does mean that the Debugging mode is activated.

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