ABAP PopUp: Types and Samples codes

ABAP PopUps are rich enough to do different functions.

In this articles, I will try to details the most used Abap Popup window kind with sample SAP ABAP code of course to help you implement it quickly.

Differents ABAP Popups

Abap Popup to Confirm

This is a an Abap Popup yes no. The return of the PopUp function will be
‘ ‘ for No and J for Yes.

This PopUp can also used as Abap Popup to Confirm Value.



Others PopUps functions can be used for Abap Popup to display text

Abap Popup with input field Or Value

Abap Popup to inform

Display text/message in PopUp with the function POPUP_TO_INFORM.


Abap Popup with table display

Display a table in PopUp.

In order to display BAPIRET2 table messages when checking or saving a transaction, I recommend using this C14Z_MESSAGES_SHOW_AS_POPUP

Display SLG1 log Like PopUp in ABAP

To Display a SLG1 log in a Popup in ABAP used the standard function OXT_MESSAGE_TO_POPUP

When digging into OXT_MESSAGE_TO_POPUP, the core is based on the other more commun function BAL_DSP_LOG_DISPLAY used in displaying log.

The input for OXT_MESSAGE_TO_POPUP is a table typed BAPIRETTAB.

Display popup screen within ABAP Web dynpro

Check this post about PoPUp in WebDynPro ABAP

ABAP PopUps Programs Sample

Check these standard ABAP Programs to find more about PopUp in SAP. These sample programs focus how to display to Log ( SLG1 ).

SAP develops a cool option for both these programs to display Tables in PopUp in Grid Mode

Actually, the standard use the display profile parameter while calling BAL_DSP_LOG_DISPLAY.