SAP ST22 SNAP – The SAP Tables for Dumb Message

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SAP ST22 SNAP Table: SAP Dumb Table for Error. This post will explain the SAP Table behind the SAP Runtime Errors Tcode ST22.

It will help you to answer the following question: how to get the errors from snap database table in sap ABAP.


The SAP Table behind the ST22 the SAP Tcode for Runtime Errors is SNAP

If you want to Query the ST22 table, use rather the SAP Projection view SNAP_BEG.

SNAPT Table is another important table containing the ABAP Runtime Error Texts.

SAP ST22 SNAP Query Table

select * from snap_beg into wa_snap_beg
            where seqno = '000'
            and   datum in s_datum
            and   uzeit in s_uzeit
            and   ahost in s_ahost
            and   modno in s_wpid
            and   uname in s_uname
            and   mandt in s_mandt
            and   xhold in s_xhold
            order by datum descending uzeit descending.

Source: Querying table for content in ST22

Delete Short Dumps from the SNAP Table

Up to SAP Note 11838,there is 3 different methods how to clean up the ST22 or SNAP tables in SAP.

Method 1 : Dump analysis: Reorganization

Go to transaction code ST22. Choose to reorganize. You can now select all short dumps older than n days for deletion.

CAUTION: If a large amount of records is deleted simultaneously during the reorganization, ORACLE error ora1562 failed to extend rollback segment may occur. In this case, refer to error Note 6328.

Method 2 : Drop and recreate the SNAP table

With the database utility transaction code SE14, you can drop and recreate the SNAP table.
CAUTION: When you do this, ALL short dumps are deleted.

Method 3 : Reorganization program RSSNAPDL

To avoid database problems, this program deletes old short dumps gradually from the SNAP table unless they are selected for retention. With standard setting all short dumps that are older than 7 days and that are not flagged are deleted.

Since this program occupies the database when large datasets are processed, it should be scheduled to run overnight. Execute RSSNAPDL in transaction SE38

The source: Delete dumb for SNAP Table