SAP Equipment Exit, BTE and BADI for SAP Tcodes IE01/IE02

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SAP Equipment Exit: Customize the business processing for the SAP Equipment Tcodes IE01 IE02.

This post will detail the different option to enhance SAP Equipment creation and modification Exit: User Exit, BADI and BTE event.

SAP Equipment Exit IE01 IE02: User Exit

You can use the SAP Equipment exit EXIT_SAPMIEQ0_002

In changing parameter, Fill DATA_EQKT table for SAP Equipment Description
If you update the EN Description, you will have a line in DATA_EQKT with SPRAS =’E’.
Just copy this line, change SPRAS to ‘D’ and append it to DATA_EQKT

SAP Equipment Update Event (BTE)

The BTE for SAP Equipment creation and modification is the PM000020.
The sample interface function is SAMPLE_INTERFACE_PM000020.

Here the step by step how to implement the SAP Equipment BTE PM000020:

  1. Hit the SAP Tcode SE80 and create a new function Group.
  2. Within the fresh created FG, Copy the standard BTE Function Module SAMPLE_INTERFACE_PM000020 to a Y/Z-Function module
  3. Create Customer Product (Transaction code FIBF → Settings → Products → … of a customer)
  4. Add the appropriate P&S BTE PM000020 and assign the Z-Function module created in Step-b using menu option (Transaction code FIBF → Settings → P/S Modules → … of a customer)

The signature of the standard template function SAMPLE_INTERFACE_PM000020 is:

    heqkt_old =                 " eqkt
    hequi_old =                 " equi
    hequz_old =                 " equz
    hiloa_old =                 " iloa
    heqbs_old =                 " eqbs
    heqkt_new =                 " eqkt
    hequi_new =                 " equi
    hequz_new =                 " equz
    hiloa_new =                 " iloa
    heqbs_new =                 " eqbs
*   ihpa_old =                  " ihpavb
*   ihpa_new =                  " ihpavb

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Tcodes IE01 / IE02 enhancement with BADI

As an alternative to SAP Equipment exit, You can also enhance the standard Equipment screen or data by implementation BADI

Here the list of SAP Equipment Master BADI:

  • ALM_ME_031_EQUIPMENT – Equipment
  • ALM_ME_EQUIPMENT – MAM 1.0 Equipment
  • EQUI_SCR_01 – Implementable Subscreen for Equipment No. 01
  • EQUI_SCR_02 – Implementable Subscreen for Equipment No. 02
  • EQUI_SCR_03 – Implementable Subscreen for Equipment No.
  • EQUI_SCR_04 – Implementable Subscreen for Equipment No. 04
  • EQUI_SCR_05 – Implementable Subscreen for Equipment No. 05
  • EQUI_SCR_06 – Implementable Subscreen for Equipment No. 06
  • EQUI_SCR_CC – Implementable Subscreen for Equipment for CCM
  • EQUI_SERLV_CHECK – External Inspections for MARA_SERLV
  • EQUI_UPDATE – Equipment Master Data

Note that SAP Equipment BADIs EQUI_SCR_01 to 06 are made for SAP Equipment Screen enhancement.

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SAP PM Equipment creation / update BADI EQUI_UPDATE

The BADI EQUI_UPDATE is the BAdi for Equipment Master Data.
You can filter your implementation of EQUI_UPDATE by Tcodes and Equipment SubScreens

The only method is IN_UPDATE (Equipment Data to BADI ‘IN UPDATE TASK’).
The IN_UPDATE method has one import I_DATA_EQUI (BADI Import Structure for Equipment)

The implementation of EQUI_UPDATE is called in upgrade mode in opposite to SAP Equipment exit. So in order to debug it, You have to enable “Update Debugging” in Debugger settings and set an external Breakpoint.