How to find BTE Event in SAP with SAP BTE Liste in SAP ECC

How to find BTE Event in SAP: find easily the BTE Number for any SAP Tcode and the SAP BTE list available in SAP ECC6 system.

How to find BTE Event in SAP for any tcode ?

Check this short article in SCN Wiki

The principle is sample put a breakpoint in the standard function module BD_FUNCTIONS_FIND. Then run the Tcode ( MM02 or FB01 for example ).
The value of BTE can be found in the variabe I_EVENT. This can be a solution to find BTE event in SAP.

Some of available BTEs available

Some of BTEs available is a standard SAP system ( ECC6 ) in order tofind BTE Event in SAP

00000900OI PROCESSING: Derivation Before OI Display
00001005POST DOCUMENT: Footer input
00001010POST DOCUMENT: Check customer line item
00001011POST DOCUMENT: Checks at line item level
00001012POST DOCUMENT: Check reference 3
00001013POST DOCUMENT: Display References Button
00001020POST DOCUMENT: Prior to final checks
00001025POST DOCUMENT: Final checks completed
00001030POST DOCUMENT: Posting of standard data
00001040REVERSE CLEARING: Following a standard posting
00001041REVERSE CLEARING: With Reversal of Clearing Doc.
00001050SAP BTE Event for POST DOCUMENT: Accounting interface
00001060SAP BTE Event for POST DOCUMENT: Invoice check
00001070SAP BTE Event for  POST DOCUMENT: GUI Callup at Line Item Level
00001080POST DOCUMENT: Key Texts
00001085POST DOCUMENT: Functions for Line Item
00001110CHANGE DOCUMENT: Save the standard data
00001120CHANGE DOCUMENT: GUI Callup at line item level
00001130CHANGE DOCUMENT: Key texts
00001135CHANGE DOCUMENT: Excl. Functions for Line Item
00001136CHANGE DOCUMENT: Exclude Field Changes
00001140POST DOCUMENT: Exclude OK Codes (Enjoy)
00001210CUSTOMER BALANCES: Callup using GUI menu
00001220CUSTOMER BALANCES: Key texts
00001230CUSTOMER BALANCES: Prior to first output
00001270 SAP BTE Event for ARTICLE MASTER DATA: Post
00001330CUSTOMER MASTER DATA: Key texts
00001340CUSTOMER MASTER DATA: Final checks
00001350CUSTOMER MASTER DATA: Individual duplication check
00001360CUSTOMER MASTER DATA: Auth. check: Acct group
00001421VENDOR MASTER DATA: Save with data transfer
00001430VENDOR MASTER DATA: Key texts
00001440VENDOR MASTER DATA: Final checks
00001450VENDOR MASTER DATA: Individual duplication check
00001460VENDOR MASTER DATA: Auth. check: Account group
00001510CREDIT MANAGEMENT: GUI callup dialog
00001530CREDIT MANAGEMENT: Overview and Master Sheet (GUI)
00001540CREDIT MANAGEMENT: Key Texts Overview/Master Sheet
00001550CREDIT MANAGEMENT: Key texts dialog
00001560CREDIT MANAGEMENT: Credit master sheet ready
00001610LINE ITEM DISPLAY: GUI callup
00001620LINE ITEM DISPLAY: Key texts
00001630LINE ITEM DISPLAY: Prior to first list
00001640LINE ITEM DISPLAY: Additional header lines
00001650LINE ITEM DISPLAY: Add to data per line
00001705DUNNING: Start of dunning notice printout
00001710DUNNING: End of dunning notice printout
00001719DUNNING: Additional activites before printing
00001720DUNNING: Printing of dunning notice
00001730DUNNING CUSTOMIZING: Customizing (key text)
00001740DUNNING CUSTOMIZING: Additional Customizing
00001750DUNNING: Parameter maintenance (key text)
00001751DUNNING: Parameter maintenance
00001760DUNNING: Application Code MHNK
00001761DUNNING: Application Code MHND
00001762SAP BTE Event for Dunning
00001764Dunning: Alternative Check for Account Balance
00001765Dunning: Collections Management (Integration
00001820CHANGE DOCUMENT DISPLAY: Add additional changes
00001850CHANGE DOCUMENT DISPLAY: Additional Changes Doc.
00002010Customer Menu
00002020Implementation Guide
00002050Tax: Tolerance Check
00002051Tax: Translate Tax Base with Tax Rate
00002110PAYMENT PROGRAM: Process proposal list
00002213DOCUMENT PARKING: Check for release
00002214DOCUMENT PARKING: Initiate Event CHANGED
00002215PRELIMIN. POSTING: Determ. Prel. Post. at Posting
00002216PRELIMIN. POSTING: When Document is Deleted
00002217PRELIMIN. POSTING: When Document is Changed
00002218DOCUMENT PARKING: Save for Document
00002221DOCUMENT POSTING : Payment Release (Line Item)
00002510TREASURY MANAGEMENT: Payment Program
00002520Treasury management: Payment program & save
00002710SAPF107 Deselect Open Items
00002740SAPF107: Individual Value Adjustment 3
00002750SAPF107: Valuation Update and Postings
00002810Bank statement – Analysis of a sale
00002820Bank statement – Display application document
00002850Bank Statement Follow Up: Registration
00002910ARCHIVING FI DOCUMENTS: Preparation
00002920ARCHIVING FI DOCUMENTS: Check per Document
00002930ARCHIVING FI DOCUMENTS: Copy into Archive
00002940ARCHIVING FI DOCUMENTS: Read from Archive
00003000Bank Details Check Routine: Alternative Check
00003010Check Bank Key or Bank Code
00003020Check Postal Checking Acct No.: Alternative Check
00003030SAP BTE Event for Generate IBAN
00003040Generate an account number from IBAN
00003070Combine Long Account Number
00003080Split Long Account Number
00004000CA Class. System – Characteristic Before Update
00004001CA Classification System – Class Before Update
00004002CA Class. System – Class Assignment Before Update
00004003CA Classification System – Write Change Pointer
00004004CA Classification System – Write Change Pointer
00004005CA Classification System – Write Change Pointer
00004006CA classification system – Specify usage of a
00004007CA class. system – Initial data transfer OBTAB
00004008CA class. system – Initial data transfer OBJEK
00004009CA Class. System – Authorization Character. Admin.
00004011CA Class. System – CLIDL Object Characteristics
00004012CA Classification System – Check Class. Deletion
00004013CA Classification System – Check Class. Deletion
00004051Installed Base Transfer
00004110Item Interest Calculation: Get Due Date
00004190Item & Balance Interest Calculation: Posting
00008010AM Reporting: Enhance reporting data
00011026CML Account Master Data: Acct Fields Rel.for BaFin
00102010Cash Desk IS-PS: Check Open Items
00102023Settlement Control: Correspondence Interface
00103010IS-PS: Export Execution Data
00107050SAP BTE Event for CUSTOMER MASTER DATA: Check IS-PS Fields
00107051 SAP BTE Event for VENDOR MASTER DATA: Check IS-PS Fields
00109100BUDGETING: Check Entry Document
00501000SAP BTE Event for Sales document – determine contract
00501001SAP BTE Event for  Sales document – check contract
00501002Sales document – update document number
00501003Sales document – save sales document contract data
00501004Sales Document – Read Contract Data (SIS)
00501005 SAP BTE Event for Sales document – read credit list contract data
00501006Delivery document – check contract
00501007Delivery – Save Delivery Document Contract Data
00501008Delivery – Read contract data SIS
00501009Billing document – Transfer data from preced. doc.
00501010Billing document – Save billing doc. contract data
00501011Billing Document – Read Contract Data (SIS)
00501013Sales document – GUI call: Display credit contract
00501014Sales documents: Final checks II
00503101Revenue realization: Copy conditions
00503102Revenue realization: Start/end of selection period
00503103Revenue realization: Determine selection period
00503104Revenue realization: Billing FI document VF47
00503105Revenue realization: Forecast revenue lines
00503106Revenue realization: Revenue amount adjustment
00503107Revenue realization: Det. Acct Non-Billed Receiv.
00503108Revenue realization: Display variants
00503109Revenue realization: Enter split criterion
00503110Revenue realization: Change accounting data
00503111Revenue realization: Change document date/type
00503113Revenue Realization: Status Change
00503114Revenue Realization: Addnl Value/Quantity Fields
00503115Revenue Realization: Set Exchange Rate Date
00503116Revenue Realization: Compression Data SD/FI
00503201Bonus: Credit memo request
00503301SAP BTE Event for  Update conditions (usage A)
00503302Update conditions (general)
00503303Maintain conditions: Transfers
00503305Maintain conditions: Field check
00503306Maintain conditions: Text determination
00503307Maintain conditions: Default condition
00503308Maintain conditions: Default condition
00503309Update Conditions (usage N)
00503310SAP BTE Event for Update Agreements
00503311SAP BTE Event for Update Conditions (Usage D)
00504001Customer material info record created
00504002Customer material info record has been changed
00504003Customer material info record has been deleted
00504004Customer hierarchy nodes have been created
00504005Customer hierarchy node changed
00550001SCE knowledge-base version created
00550002SCE knowledge-base version changed
00550003SCE knowledge-base version deleted
00901010RM: Area menu JB04 Environmnt -> Other components
01000301APO Plug-In: Create Planned Orders
01000302APO Plug-In: Create Components
01000303APO PlugIn: Conv. Comp. Data to APO Form. and Send
01000305APO Plug-In: Extract APO-Relevant Data and Send
01000306APO Plug-In: Send All Created Data to APO
01000307APO Plug-In: Send Created ATP Check Data to APO
01000601New Dimension Plug-In BTE: Requirement Reduction
01000710APO Plug-In: Purchase Requisition
01000720APO Plug-In: Confirmation
01000730APO Plug-In: Purchase Order
01000740APO Plug-In: Goods Receipt for Purchase Order
01000811APO Plug-In: Sales Document and Requirements
01000902SAP BTE Event forAPO Plug-In: Campaign
02000104Markdown Planning: Price Activation
0CML0001CML Account Master Data: Rel. Account Fields
BOMBCS2SBOM_ERP: Data Exchange CRM Product Master
CACS0000Reserved Events for CA CS: CACS0000 to CACS9999
CACS1000IS-IS-CS: User Exits Commission Case Dual Control
CACS1001IS-IS-CS: Industry Key: Obj. Char. Grp AttrCheck
CACS1002IS-IS-CS: Authorization Check in Org. Hierarchy
CACS1003IS-IS-CS: Diff. Remun. Rate when Contract Rate = 0
CACS1004IS-IS-CS: IS-IS-CS: Exit Structure Authorization
CACS1005ICM: Commission Case & Correct Version Handling
CACS1098IS-IS-CS: Environment Prep. for Commission Case
CACS1099IS-IS-CS: Post-Environment for Commission Case
CACS1100IS-IS-CS: Additional Data from PD Org
CACS1101IS-IS-CS: Extra Check at Contract Allocation
CACS1102IS-IS-CS: Determine Commission Contr. from Partner
CACS1900Archive Commission Case: Extended Checks
CACS1901Archive Commission Case: Extended Checks
CACS2000IS-IS-CS: Upd. Totals Tab. Remun. and Liability
CACS2001IS-IS-CS: Update Totals Table Due Date
CACS2002IS-IS-CS: Update Totals Table Valuation
CACS2003IS-IS-CS: Read and Inbound Check Exit for Docmnts
CACS2004IS-IS-CS: Read Document Fields
CACS2005Reconstruct Totals Tables
CACS2010SAP BTE Event for Change Customer Fields in Reversal Document
CACS2900Archive Commission Doc.: Extended Checks
CACS2901Archive Commission Doc.: Extended Checks
CACS8000Settlement: Trigger Customer Documents
CACS9800IS-IS-CS: FI Data Transfer
CACS9801IS-IS-CS: Read FI Document
CACS9802IS-IS-CS: Settlement Run (FI Document Structure)
CACS9803IS-IS-CS: Settlement Run II (FI Doc. Structure)
CACS9804IS-IS-CS: Payroll Run (HR Document Structure)
CACS9805IS-IS-CS: Payroll Run II (HR Document Structure)
CACS9806IS-IS-CS: Payroll Run (Collection/Disbursement)
CACS9810IS-IS-CS: FI One-Time Customer Settlement
CACS9812IS-IS-CS: FI Data Transfer – Customer
CACS9820IS-IS-CS: IS-CD One-Time Customer Settlement
CACS9830ICM: Settlement: Read Account Assign. Rel. Fields
CACS9840ICM Billing: Number of Line Items Returned
CC000100 BTE EventALE (ECMMAS) – Outbound
CC000160ALE (ECMMAS) – inbound
CC000170ALE (ECMMAS) – inbound
CC000180ALE (ECMMAS) – inbound
CC000200ALE (ECMREV) – outbound
CC000260ALE (ECMREV) – inbound
CC000270ALE (ECMREV) – inbound
CC000280ALE (ECMREV) – inbound
CH000001CLFMAS : Outbound Processing for ALE Distribution
CH000002CLSMAS : Outbound Orocessing for ALE Distribn unit
CLF00100SAP BTE Event for Post bill of material
CLS00100ALE outbound processing BOMs: IDOC control record
CMS00001ALE outbound processing BOMs: IDOC data records
CPE00001ALE inbound processing BOMs: IDOC control record
CRMTST1ALE inbound processing BOMs: IDOC data records
CS000010ALE inbound processing BOMs: Tables
CS000100ALE inbound processing BOMs: Connect. to ALE layer
CS000110Business Partner Data Exchange: Customer Master
CS000150Business Partner Data Exchange: Customer Master
CS000160Equipment Upload – After BAPI CAll
CS000170Equipment Upload – After Upload Call
CS000180Equipment Upload – Before BAPI Call
DE_AALESAP BTE Event forEquipment Upload – Before Upload Call
DE_BALESAP BTE Event for Update notification
DE_BCS2SSAP BTE Event for Update Equipment
DE_BCS2VUpdate Order
DE_CALEUpdate Measurement Documents/Points
DE_DALESAP BTE Event for Confirmation of Update
DE_EIOUT SAP BTE Event forUpdate: Technical Location
DE_EIOUVCurrency Exchange Rates:P/S Event for Rate Changes

This list is retrieved using the report executed forFIBF :Environment > Click on Info System (P/S).
You can run the same report in order to find BTE event in SAP your requirement.

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