Trigger MATMAS IDoc using BTE event

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Trigger MATMAS IDoc using BTE event step by step guide how to generate a MATMAS IDOC when a SAP Material is saved in the SAP Tcode MM02.

How to generate an Outbound idoc on Material master change with BTE.

First, set up the ALE between the Receiver and the Sender system.

Trigger MATMAS IDoc using BTE event Step by Step

Launch the Maintenance Transaction for BTE: FIBF

The main SAP Tcode for BTE is FIBF.

Search the BTE To use

Within FIBF tcode, navigate to FIBF : Environment > Click on Info System (P/S).
Run the next screen display the list of available BTEs.

See bellowing for the whole list.

Select BTE 00001250 for MM02 ( Material Master Data Change)

00001250 MATERIAL MASTER DATA: Post – For SAP Material Master Data Change

00001320 CUSTOMER MASTER DATA: Save – For SAP Customer Master Data Change

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Get and Copy the BTE Sample Function Module

In the menu, press Sample Function Module.
SAP provides in standard a template function module to use for the chosen BTE.
For Material Save (MM02), the sample function module will be SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001250.

Copy the SAMPLE_INTERFACE_0000125 into a Custom function module.
The best practice for the naming says to keep the INTERFACE_00001250 part in order to easily identify the function.
Put your own logic there.

Activate Publish and Subscribe BTE: Customer Enhancements

Navigate to FIBF transaction->Settings->Products-> Select Of a customer
Set up the following information:


This groups together customer enhancements to Business Transaction Events (BTE) developed in the customer’s namespace.

If the Product doesn’t exist, you can create a new product and activate it if you go to
FIBF transaction -> Settings -> P/S Modules -> Select Of a customer.

Country ISO code

The country key (ISO code of the country) identifies a country version within the Business Transaction Events (Open FI).

Application Indicator

This is a grouping characteristic for alternative function modules for a certain Business Transaction Event (BTE).

Customer Function Module

This specifies the name of a function module that the OPEN_FI function module can find an alternative to a standard function module.

Source Triggering IDOC using BTE when Material is changed in MM02 Transaction

Trigger MATMAS IDoc using BTE event: Function Sample

You will find the link sample implementation how to trigger MATMAS IDoc using BTE event within the custom function module copy of SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001250.

Trigger MATMAS IDoc using BTE Function Sample ABAP