SAP CRM Resources: Books and Courses

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In order to enter the world of SAP CRM (or Customer Relationship Management), here some helpful SAP CRM resources you can start with including the link to sap help portal, some interesting books and a a couple of elearning courses on SAP CRM Tutorial.

SAP CRM on Help.Sap.Com?

Let’s start by the official documentation.

The full SAP CRM full documentation can be found on?

You have to start by selecting the version of SAP CRM you want to learn more about.
For information, here the available versions of SAP CRM 7.0 ( it have also a Hana powered version ! )

Check this new section about?SAP Fiori for SAP CRM.

SAP CRM Resources Books

If you are interested to get a deep knowledge about SAP CRM, I recommend these books.

SAP CRM for functional

The first book will help you give you the functional learning you need for the different SAP CRM functionalities.

SAP CRM: Comprehensive guide to SAP CRM processes, functions, and configuration

This comprehensive guide offers the details you need about key SAP CRM processes, functions, and configuration. Learn how to use SAP CRM to connect with customers and manage the core CRM processes that are crucial to sales, service, web channel support, and marketing efforts. Scope out the CRM landscape and its broadened deployment options, and then learn to enhance an SAP CRM implementation using mobility, analytics, and performance analysis. From master data to middleware to the web UI, get the answers on how to achieve a customer-oriented CRM strategy with SAP CRM.

* The complete resource for implementing SAP CRM for marketing, sales, and service
* Set up product determination, campaign management, service functions, and more
* Apply expert tips for maximizing your SAP CRM solution

SAP CRM for?Technical

The second books parts will give more understanding how SAP CRM works technically. It will cover from WebUI, Middleware and other SAP CRM development.

SAP CRM: Technical Principles and Programming
SAP CRM: Technical Principles and Programming

If you’ve ever had to work on the SAP CRM backend, this book is the resource you’ve been waiting for. You?ll establish a working knowledge of SAP CRM architecture, and then learn how to perform daily programming tasks in SAP CRM. Get up to speed with the most common enhancements to customize the backend for many different industry requirements.

  • Understand SAP CRM?s technical landscape and how it differs from the rest of the SAP Business Suite
  • Learn about the SAP CRM data model and how to load and extract data
  • Explore the most useful enhancements in SAP CRM

SAP Web Client: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers

This is your comprehensive guide to developing and enhancing applications with SAP Web Client.Focusing on development tasks and practical examples, this book will take you on a journey through the Web Client framework, discussing different programming layers and development activities via the use of practical examples, screenshots, and code. With the perfect balance between theory and practical guidance, this book will teach you everything you need to know about building a full-fledged, enterprise-ready application using Web Client.

1. Example Scenario Learn about development in Web Client by exploring a detailed case study that serves as the basis for all examples discussed throughout the book.
2. GenIL Programming Understand the foundation of GenIL programming and learn how to create a GenIL component.
3. Building Applications Discover how to build an application with the help of detailed step-by-step instructions, code listings, and screenshots.
4. Custom Functionality Master the process of leveraging existing SAP applications and adding custom functionality using Web Client.
5. Application Mash-ups Explore the process of creating application mash-ups from both newly generated and existing standard SAP applications.

SAP CRM Courses


SAP’s CRM overview course includes several modules that support key functional areas including:

  • SAP CRM Sales &?Marketing &??Service
  • CRM Analytics
  • SAP Customer RelationShip Management Interaction Center
  • Web Channel (which includes E-Commerce, E-Marketing and E-Service)
  • Partner Channel Management in SAP CRM
  • SAP Customer Relationship Management WebClient UI

SAP CRM 7.0 CR100

You get complete coverage of the 12 topics in the CR100 SAP Academy course:
Account Management &?Organizational Management &?Product Master
Transaction Processing &?Activity Management &?Partner Processing
Actions &?Pricing Fundamentals &?CRM Billing;
CRM Middleware &?CRM WebClient UI

More SAP CRM Resources

Some people on SCN made our lifes easier by compiling intersting link on SAP CRM check the Basic CRM Technical Concepts.