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SAP CRM Data Model Diagram in PDF and JPG

SAP CRM Data Model Diagram can be useful when trying to retrieve data for SAP CRM Tables in other way than using BOL programming language. In this post, you will find two SAP CRM Data diagram helping understanding the relationship between the main SAP CRM

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SAP CRM Marketing attribute of BP

SAP CRM Marketing attribute is an important topics in SAP CRM Marketing. It allows to collect?extra information on different SAP CRM Data Master like Business Partner. As the topic of Marketing Attribute is huge, this post will focus only how to read SAP CRM Marketing

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SAP CRM Resources: Books and Courses

In order to enter the world of SAP CRM (or Customer Relationship Management), here some helpful SAP CRM resources you can start with including the link to sap help portal, some interesting books and a a couple of elearning courses on SAP CRM Tutorial.


SAP CRM Web UI: Guideline SAP CRM User Interface

SAP CRM Web UI: UI Guidelines for CRM WebClient User Interface provide overview on SAP CRM Web Client User Interface (UI). The CRM WebClient UI is a set of various UI elements allowing the user to display, search and maintain Data. It will give the

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SAP CRM Training : Best Ressources to learn SAP CRM

SAP CRM Training will cover the official Training also some excellent books to develop quickly your SAP CRM Skills on the technical side. But First in order to have an overview on CRM, you have to read/follow the CR100 course.