Starting Guide to SAP CRM Authorizations and Security

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SAP CRM Authorizations: this is a PDF Guide for SAP CRM Authorization management. It helps understanding the keys points for Authorization within SAP Customer Relationship Management.

SAP CRM Authorization Guide 1

SAP CRM Authorizations Summary

This Guide will explain SAP CRM Security step by step including SAP CRM authorization Group and SAP CRM authorization Object.

The various SAP CRM security authorization objects will be detailed for the key SAP CRM Objects.
Definitely, this is the ultimate SAP CRM security guide.

The only Con is the fact that it should be refreshed with new SAP CRM 7.0 Security and Authorization.

Here the list of the points detailed in this guide:

  • SAP Authorization Concept
    • Authorization Components and their Relationships
    • The Profile Generator (PFCG)
      • Installing the Profile Generator
      • Creation of a new Role
      • Single Role versus Composite Role (collective role
      • Master role and Derived Role
      • Assigning
      • Transporting Roles
    • Organizing Authorization Administration
      • Creating administrator roles
      • List of available templates
      • Authorization Objects checked in role maintenance
      • Relevant SAP Tables for Authorizations and Roles
      • System Settings-profile parameters
      • Protective measures for Special profiles SAP_ALL & SAP_NEW
    • Authorization Checks
      • Checking at program level with AUTHORITY-CHECK
      • Starting SAP Transactions
      • Starting Report Classes
      • Calling RFC Function Modules
      • Checking assignment of Authorization Groups to Tables
    • Analyzing Authorization Checks
      • System Trace
      • Authorization error Analysis
    • Testing the roles
    • User Maintenance
      • Creation of a User in the CRM system
        • Display user information
        • Initial Data load for Users and Authorizations
      • Creation of a User in the SAP Enterprise Portal
      • Creation of an Employee in the CRM system
      • Maintaining the Organizational Model
    • CRM specific Authorizations
      • Marketing and Campaign Management
        • Role for creating marketing plan and campaign
        • Restrictions made based on person responsible
        • Restrictions made based on Authorization Group
        • Restrictions made based on the Campaign Type
        • Set Restrictions for assigning Attribute Sets and Attributes
      • Business Partner Security
        • Functional insight into Account and Contact Management
        • General role SAP_CRM_BUSINES_PARTNER
        • Restrictions for certain input fields based on Authorization Type
        • Restrictions for certain field groups
        • Restrictions based on Authorization Group
        • Restrictions for maintaining certain Business Partner Roles
        • Perform authorization checks for sales area related data for business partners
        • Restriction of business partner role in the BP transaction
      • Product Security
        • Relevant SAP Authorization objects
        • Product maintenance
        • Product Proposals
      • Authorization check in Business Transactions
        • Relationship Business Transactions, Types and Categories
        • Process flow authorization check
        • Examples of the authorization assignment
        • Authorization Check at Field Level
        • Business add-in for authorization check in business transactions
      • Authorizations in E-commerce (Internet Sales)
        • Customizing settings for Internet Sales
        • User Administration
      • Interaction Center Win client
        • Technical System Landscape
        • User Administration and authentication
        • Users Overview
        • Data synchronization between CRM system and other systems
        • Authorizations
      • CRM IC Webclient
        • Customizing of the IC Webclient
        • Assignment of the IC Webclient Profile
        • How to launch the IC Webclient
        • Useful Parameters
        • Useful information about the IC Webclient
      • ACE (Access Control Engine)
        • Introduction
      • Frequently Asked Questions
      • Tips and Tricks
      • Relevant OSS notes regarding SAP Authorizations

SAP CRM Authorizations PDF guide

Here the PDF file for SAP Customer Relationship Management Guide.

SAP CRM Authorizations Guide 2

Here another interesting guide on PFCG Roles and Authorization Concept for SAP CRM 7.0 Security.
The target audience is System administrators and Technology consultants. Even a SAP CRM Functional Consultant can found it useful.

First, it starts with an Overview of the SAP CRM 7.0 Architecture
Then, this SAP CRM PDF guide explains how to Maintain Authorizations for SAP CERM Security with Prerequisites.

The Guide is organized around 5 steps

  • Step1: Enhancing Web Client Application
  • Step2: Testing Web Application (Full Authorization) and finally
  • Step 3: Maintaining Authorizations using Authorization Profile (PFCG)
  • Step 4: Updating Role Menu
  • Step 5: Testing with Restricted Authorizations
    • Assign User to Right Position in the Organization
    • Assign User to PFCG Role
    • Setup PFCG Authorization Profile

Here the SAP CRM Security guide for SAP CRM 7.0

source: PFCG Roles and Authorization

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