SAP CRM Product Catalog Main Tables

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SAP CRM Product Catalog Main Tables are listed in this posts. Use the following tables as a reference when looking for the exact SAP CRM Tables when dealing with SAP CRM Product Catalog Data Model.?

SAP CRM Product Catalog Tables Lists

SAP CRM Catalog Header Tables

Important SAP CRM Catalog Header Tables

Table Description
COMM_PCAT_HDRProduct Catalog
COMM_PCAT_HDR_TProduct Catalog Description

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SAP Product Catalog Variant’s Tables

Here the list of the main SAP Tables for Product Catalog Variant

Table Description
COMM_PCAT_VRTProduct Catalog Variant
COMM_PCAT_VRT_IPPrice Determination of Product Catalog Variants
COMM_PCAT_VRT_PUProduct Catalog Variant-Publication Status
COMM_PCAT_VRT_TDescription of Product Catalog Variant

SAP CRM Set Type for Catalog

Table Description
COMM_PCATFRGTPSet Type (Fragment Type)

SAP CRM Product Catalog Characteristic

The relation between SAP CRM Catalog and its characteristic can be found in the following SAP Tables:

Table Description
COMM_PCAT_CICProduct Catalog Characteristic
COMM_PCAT_CIC_TProduct Catalog Item Characteristic Text

SAP CRM Product Catalog Area Tables

Table Description
COMM_PCAT_CTVProduct Catalog Area – Version
COMM_PCAT_CTYProduct Catalog Area
COMM_PCAT_CTY_TProduct Catalog Area Description

SAP CRM Catalog for XML Export and Message

Table Description
COMM_PCAT_EXP_CPCatalog export: Change pointers: XML Export
COMM_PCAT_EXP_PRProduct Catalog Profile: XML Export
COMM_PCAT_EXP_RECatalog Export: Recipient of an XML Message

Other SAP CRM Product Catalog Tables

The following SAP Tables list ?can be usefull when dealing with SAP CRM Product Catalog:

Table Description
COMM_PCATREPLSTCatalogue Variant Staging Version Dat
COMM_PCAT_IMS_CPAdjusting Product Catalog Log- IMS replication
COMM_PCAT_IMS_MPProduct Catalog Variant – Publication Aim
COMM_PCAT_IMS_MRCurrent Product Catalog Objects in Index Management System
COMM_PCAT_ITMProduct Catalog Item
COMM_PCAT_ITM_TProduct Catalog Item Description
COMM_PCAT_ITVProduct Catalog Item- Version
COMM_PCAT_LOCList of Product Catalog Characteristics
COMM_PCAT_LOC_TProduct Catalog Characteristics List Description
COMM_PCAT_RELProduct Catalog Item Set Type -Set-Assignment
COMM_PCAT_RELHProduct Catalog Item Set Type -Set-Assignment-History
COMM_PCAT_VIEWProduct Catalog View
COMM_PCAT_VIEW_TDescription of Product Catalog View
COMM_PCAT_VITMProduct Catalog View-Item
COMM_PCAT_VPRPProduct Catalog View-Partner Product Selection