SAP CRM Catalog Data Model and Tables RelationShip

SAP CRM Catalog Data Model lists the most important SAP Tables for Catalog in SAP CRM and the link between the different tables in order to easily retrieve Catalog Data.

Main Product Catalog Tables in SAP CRM

SAP Product Catalog Header COMM_PCAT_HDR

COMM_PCAT_HDR is the Product Catalog Header table.
The Catalog is identified by a GUID

Field Description
GUID Product Catalog GUID (Header)
ACTIVE Activation Indicator
ORIG_SYSTEM Original System
CREATED_BY System Name of Object Creator
CREATED_ON Date of Object Creation
.INCLUDE Administrative Data on Last Object Change
LASTCHG_BY System Name of Last Object Modifier
LASTCHG_ON Date of Last Object Change
LASTCHG_AT Time of Last Object Change
ID Product Catalog Number
PCAT_TYPE Catalog Type
VALID_FROM Date from Which Catalog is Valid
VALID_TO Date Until Which Catalog is Valid
BASE_SET Product Catalog: Set Type GUID for Basic Attribute
BASE_LOC Product Catalog: GUID of Characteristics List
PCAT_SHORTCUT Product Catalog ID

SAP CRM Catalog Type

COMC_PCAT_TP is the main customizing table for Product Catalog Type.
The Description language depended is stored on SAP CRM table COMC_PCAT_TP_T.

Some Standard Product Catalog Types in SAP CRM are:

Catalog Type Description
AUTO Automatic product assignment
DRPT Design Registration
MANU Manual product assignment
PURC Purchasing catalog

SAP CRM Catalog Description

The description of Catalog is stored in the table COMM_PCAT_HDR_T for Product Catalog Description.

SAP Product Catalog Variant COMM_PCAT_VRT

Product Catalog Variants are set on SAP table COMM_PCAT_VRT.
The link to retrieve Variant of a SAP CRM catalog is:


The SAP CRM Catalog Variant contains the Sales Data such as Sales Organization, Main currency, Price List and Price Group.

The Catalog Variant description can be found in the SAP table COMM_PCAT_VRT_T (Description of Product Catalog Variant)
Here the list of main Catalog Variant Fields:

Field Description
GUID Key Fields for Product Catalog Variant
ACTIVE Activation Indicator
ID Catalog Variant Number
LANGU Display Language of Catalog Variant
MAIN_CURRENCY Primary Currency of Catalog Variant
SCND_CURRENCY Second Currency of Catalog Variant
UOM Unit of Measure Type
VALID_FROM Catalog Variant Validity Beginning
VALID_TO Catalog Variant Expiration Date
SALES_ORG Sales Organization ID
DIST_CHANNEL Distribution Channel
CUST_GROUP Customer Group
PRICE_GROUP Customer Price Group
PRICE_LIST Price List Type
PRICE_PROC Pricing Procedure
SALES_ORG_RESP Organizational Unit (Sales)
SERVICE_ORG Service Organization
SERVICE_ORG_RESP Organizational Unit (Service)

SAP Product Catalog Area COMM_PCAT_CTY

The Product Catalog can be managed by hierarchy which called in SAP CRM Area and sub-area.
A sample SAP CRM Product Catalog Structure can be ( example from )

SAP CRM Catalog Structure
Product Catalog Area Table is COMM_PCAT_CTY.
The link between the view and the Parent Catalog is done on


Some important fields for Product Catalog Area in CRM are:

Table Description
GUID GUID of a Product Catalog Area
ACTIVE_SUBCTY Active Sub Area Indicator Exists
INACTIVE_SUBCTY Inactive Sub Area Indicator Exists
PARENT_CATALOG Product Catalog GUID (Header)
PARENT_CATEGORY GUID of a Product Catalog Area
ID Catalog Area Number
CATEGORY_TYPE Catalog Area Type

Description for Area of the Catalog is set on SAP CRM table COMM_PCAT_CTY_T (Product Catalog Area Description)

SAP Product Catalog Area COMM_PCAT_CTV

Use the table COMM_PCAT_CTV for Product Catalog Area ? Version to check if a subarea and an area is active.

Use the following link to retrieve the Area Version for a SAP CRM Product Catalog :


Product Catalog Item COMV_PCAT_ITM

Once the Catalog header and the Product Catalog Hierarchy are defined in SAP CRM, it is the time to assign Products to Catalog.

The SAP CRM COMV_PCAT_ITM can be a good SAP View to have an idea on Products in a particular Catalog.
Here the main important fields for Product Catalog Item View:

Table Description
ITEMGUID GUID of Product Catalog Item
ORIG_SYSTEM Original System
PARENT_CATALOG Product Catalog GUID (Header)
PARENT_CATEGORY GUID of a Product Catalog Area
ILROLE Role of Item in a Link
VERSIONGUID GUID of Product Catalog Item Version
ACTIVE Activation Indicator
POS_NR Object Item Number

Here the main important fields for Product Catalog Item View:

    Product Catalog ItemAcutally, the COMV_PCAT_ITM is not a table but it is SAP Database View based on SAP CRM Tables:
    Product Catalog Item- Version.

The Join condition is


Check the list of the main Tables for SAP Product Catalog Tables here