SAP CRM Marketing Attributes , Segmentation and Campain Creation

SAP CRM Marketing post will detail some important functionnalities in SAP CRM Marketing with step by step guide to SAP CRM Marketing Tutorials.
First we will start with how to define SAP CRM Marketing Attributes, then how to create SAP CRM Campaign process.
The third part will cover how to configurer the segmentation in SAP CRM Marketing Profile set and Target Group.
Finally, I will detail the sequence methods to call in ABAP in order to Create Campaign in Batch mode.

SAP CRM Marketing Attributes (Attributes and Attribute Sets)

This SAP CRM Tutorials will explain how to create an attribute then assign these attributes to the attribute set and assign the attribute set to the BP’s marketing attributes.

In order to create an SAP CRM Attribute, use main SAP tcode for Attribute in SAP CRM is CRMM_ROUT_PROF_CHAR.

For Attribute Set in SAP CRM, launch the SAP Tcode CRMD_PROF_TEMPL.

Once the Attribute set and the attributes are created and set to an Attribute set, go to transaction BP and navigate to Marketing Tab to assign an Attribute Set to the SAP CRM Business Partner. The Attributes will be available and their value can be set .

SAP CRM — Marketing — Create Campaign process

First, you have to connecto to SAP WebUI using a role with Marketing.
Then navigate to  Marketing plan > Campaign > Campaign Element > Product.

The different steps to create a Campain process are:

  1. How to Create a Marketing Attribute
  2. Create a Profile and Target Group
  3. Create a campaign using WEB-IC and attach the Product to the Campaign and Execute the Campaign

SAP CRM — Marketing — Segmentation — Profile set and Target Group

This is an important part of SAP CRM Marketing which allow to make Segmentation depending on Profile Set and also on Target Group.

In SAP CRM SAP GUI, the relevant SAP Tcodes are: 

  • For Creating and maintaining Data Source and Attribute List: CRMD_MKTDS
  • For Profile Set and Target Group creation: CRMD_MKTSEG

SAP CRM — Marketing — Create Campaign in Batch mode

SAP CRM Compaign can be created in online mode (as seen above) and also it can created in Batch Mode. In this case, some ABAP coding will be required.

The sequence to create a SAP CRM Marketing Campain in Batch Mode are :

  1. Create Campaign using ABAP Program
  2. cl_crm_mktpl_appl_base->ELEMENT_CREATE.
  3. cl_crm_mktpl_appl_base->save
  4. cl_crm_mktpl_appl_base->commit
  5. cl_crm_mktpl_appl_base->after_commit ( only if you want to do BW synchronization)

Note that SAP CRM Compaign element can be Marketing plan, Campaign, Promotion and trade promo … So it is important to fill OBJECT_TYPE = ‘CPG’ ( for Compaign element) and OBJECT_CLASS = ‘CP’ for Compaign. 

If the SAP CRM Compaign is already created, use rather:

  1.  cl_crm_mktpl_appl_base->Element_read
  2. cl_crm_mktpl_appl_base->Element_change
  3. cl_crm_mktpl_appl_base->save
  4. cl_crm_mktpl_appl_base->commit
  5. cl_crm_mktpl_appl_base->after_commit ( only if you want to do BW synchronization)

Check the full SAP CRM Marketing Tutorials on techskill with step by step details and screen capture.
( Thanks Techskill guy for this great work ) 

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