SAP Audit Tcodes – Main T-code Audit in SAP


SAP Audit tcodes regroups the main/ important SAP Transactions code for SAP ERP Management Audit.
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Usefull SAP Audit Tcodes

SAP Audit Tcodes Description
0REP Start of program etc. from IMG
AL11 Display SAP Directories
BD64 Maintenance of Distribution Model
DB03 Parameter Changes in Database
DB12 DBA Backup Logs
FB01 Post Document
FILE Cross-Client File Names/Paths
OS03 O/S Parameter changes
PE01 HR: Maintain Payroll Schemas
PE02 HR: Maintain Calculation Rules
PFCG Role Maintenance
PFUD User Master Data Reconciliation
RSGWLST Accessible Gateways
RSPFPAR Display profile parameter
RSRFCCHK RFC destinations with logon data
RSTBHIST Table history
RSUSR003 Check standard user passwords
RSUSR200 List of Users per Login Date
RZ01 Job Scheduling Monitor
RZ03 Presentation & Control SAP Instances
RZ04 Maintain SAP Instances
RZ10 Maintain Profile Parameters
RZ11 Profile Parameter Maintenance
RZ20 CCMS Monitoring
RZ27_SECURITY MiniApp CCMS Alerts Security
SAINT Add-On Installation Tool
SAMT ABAP Program Set Processing
SARA Archive Administration
SCC3 Client Copy Log
SCDN Change Documents: Number Ranges
SCDO Display Change Document Objects
SCU0 Customizing Cross-System Viewer
SCUL Central User Administration Log
SCUM Central User Administration
SD11 Data Modeler
SE03 Transport Organizer Tools
SE06 Set Up Transport Organizer
SE09 Transport Organizer
SE10 Transport Organizer
SE12 ABAP Dictionary Display
SE13 Maintain Technical Settings (Tables)
SE15 ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE16 Data Browser
SE16_T000 Data Browser T000
SE16_USR40 Data Browser USR40
SE16_V_T599R Data Browser V_T599R
SE16_W3TREES Data Browser W3TREES
SE84 Repository Information System
SECR Obsolete: Audit Information System
SEPS SAP Electronic Parcel Service
SESS Session Manager Menu Tree Display
SESSION_MANAGER Session Manager Menu Tree Display
SH01 Online help: F1 Help server
SICK Installation Check
SLG1 Application Log: Display Logs
SM01 Lock Transactions
SM13 Administrate Update Records
SM20 Analysis of Security Audit Log
SM21 Online System Log Analysis
SM30 Call View Maintenance
SM30_TVARV Call SM30 for Table TVARV
SM30_V_BRG Call SM30 for View V_BRG
SM30_V_DDAT Call SM30 for View V_DDAT
SM34 Viewcluster maintenance call
SM35 Batch Input Monitoring
SM37 Overview of job selection
SM50 Work Process Overview
SM51 List of SAP Systems
SM54 TXCOM Maintenance
SM58 Asynchronous RFC Error Log
SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
SM63 Display/Maintain Operating Mode Sets
SM66 Systemwide Work Process Overview
SM69 Maintain External OS Commands
SMEN Session Manager Menu Tree Display
SMGW Gateway Monitor
SMT1 Trusted-Trusting Connections
SMT2 Trusted-Trusting Connections
SMW0 SAP Audit Tcodes : SAP Web Repository
SO70 Hypertext: Display/Maint. Structure
SP01 Output Controller
SPAD Spool Administration
SPAM Support Package Manager
SPAT Spool Administration (Test)
ST01 System Trace
ST07 Application monitor
ST10 Table Call Statistics
ST22 ABAP Dump Analysis
STMS Transport Management System
SU22 Maintain Authorization Defaults(SAP)
SU24 Maintain Authorization Defaults
SU26 Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator
SU3 Maintain Users Own Data
SU53 Evaluate Authorization Check
SU56 Analyze User Buffer
SUIM User Information System
SUPC SAP Audit Tcodes :Role Profiles
SWEL Display Event Trace
SWI5 Workload Analysis
SWU2 Workflow RFC Monitor
SWU3 Automatic Workflow Customizing
SWU9 Display Workflow Trace
SWUD SAP Audit Tcodes :Workflow Diagnosis
S_BIE_59000197 Report cross-system information
S_BIE_59000198 Report cross-system information
S_BIE_59000199 Report cross-system information
S_PH0_48000151 Maintain log
TU02 Parameter Changes on this Instance
USMM Customer Measurement
WE21 Port definition

SAP Audit Tcodes S_ALR_*

The following list is for SAP Audit Transaction/ Program starting with S_ALR_*

SAP Audit Tcodes Description
S_ALR_87014082 Log of Report Starts
S_ALR_87101193 Hardcoded SAP*
S_ALR_87101194 Check standard user passwords
S_ALR_87101195 Rules for Logging on
S_ALR_87101196 Where-Used List: Authorization Objct
S_ALR_87101198 All Authorizations
S_ALR_87101199 Number of User Master Records
S_ALR_87101200 List Users
S_ALR_87101201 Currently Active Users
S_ALR_87101202 Users with Initial Password
S_ALR_87101203 Not logged on for 30 Days
S_ALR_87101204 Unchanged for 180 Days
S_ALR_87101205 Users who can call OS Commands
S_ALR_87101206 Users with ABAP Authorization
S_ALR_87101207 Users who can use CTS
S_ALR_87101208 Update Accounting Periods
S_ALR_87101209 Update Company Codes
S_ALR_87101210 Update Chart of Accounts
S_ALR_87101211 Users who can Execute RFC Function
S_ALR_87101212 List of Internet users
S_ALR_87101213 Profile Generator
S_ALR_87101219 Check Table Logging
S_ALR_87101220 Display
S_ALR_87101223 Table Recording
S_ALR_87101225 Cust. Tables without Log
S_ALR_87101226 Standard Variant
S_ALR_87101228 AIS Financial Accounting
S_ALR_87101235 AIS Accounting
S_ALR_87101236 SAP Audit Tcodes :AIS Finances
S_ALR_87101237 Table Access Statistics
S_ALR_87101238 Display Change Documents
S_ALR_87101239 Display Change Documents
S_ALR_87101247 Call System
S_ALR_87101248 Parameters for External Tools
S_ALR_87101249 System Overview
S_ALR_87101250SAP Audit Tcodes :SAP Gateway
S_ALR_87101252 Installation Check for R/3 Spool
S_ALR_87101253 Spool Parameters
S_ALR_87101254 SNC Status
S_ALR_87101256 TMS: Display Configuration
S_ALR_87101257 Import Overview
S_ALR_87101258 System Overview
S_ALR_87101259 TMS: Alert Viewer
S_ALR_87101260 Verbose
S_ALR_87101261 Transport Monitor ALOG
S_ALR_87101262 Transport Monitor SLOG
S_ALR_87101263 Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks
S_ALR_87101265 Requests with USR Tables
S_ALR_87101266 Requests with PA Tables
S_ALR_87101267 Analyze Objects in Requests/Tasks
S_ALR_87101269 Set System Change Option
S_ALR_87101270 Syslog parameters
S_ALR_87101271 Performance Analysis
S_ALR_87101272 Performance analysis
S_ALR_87101273 Workload Statistics
S_ALR_87101274 Statistical Evaluations
S_ALR_87101275 Consistency Check
S_ALR_87101276 IDoc List
S_ALR_87101277 RFC Statistics
S_ALR_87101278 Remote Function Call
S_ALR_87101279 RFC Trace
S_ALR_87101281 Customer Exits
S_ALR_87101282 Objects in Customer Namespace
S_ALR_87101283 Audit Info System: Locked/Unlocked
S_ALR_87101284 Authorization Group Transfer
S_ALR_87101285 Authorization Groups
S_ALR_87101286 Maintain/Restore Authorization Grps
S_ALR_87101287 Program Analysis

SAP Audit Tcode S_BCE_*

List of SAP Audit management Tcodes starting with S_BCE_*

SAP Audit Tcodes Description
S_BCE_68001393 Users by address data
S_BCE_68001394 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001395 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001396 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001397 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001398 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001399 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001400 Users According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001401 Critical Combinations of Auth.
S_BCE_68001402 With Unsuccessful Logons
S_BCE_68001403 With Critical Authorizations
S_BCE_68001404 Profiles by Contained Profiles
S_BCE_68001405 Profiles by Authorization Name
S_BCE_68001406 SAP Audit Tcodes :Profiles by Values
S_BCE_68001407 Profiles by Changes
S_BCE_68001408 SAP Audit Tcodes :Profiles by Roles
S_BCE_68001409 Profiles According to Complex Crit.
S_BCE_68001410 Auth. Objects According to Complex
S_BCE_68001411 Auth. Objects According to Complex
S_BCE_68001412 Auth. Objects According to Complex
S_BCE_68001413 Auth. Objects According to Complex
S_BCE_68001414 Auth. According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001415 Authorizations by Values
S_BCE_68001416 Authorizations by Changes
S_BCE_68001417 Auth. According to Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001418 Roles by Role Name
S_BCE_68001419 Roles by User Assignment
S_BCE_68001420 Roles by Transaction Assignment
S_BCE_68001421 Roles by Profile Assignment
S_BCE_68001422 Roles by Authorization Object
S_BCE_68001423 Roles by Authorization Values
S_BCE_68001424 Roles by Change Data
S_BCE_68001425 Roles by Complex Criteria
S_BCE_68001426 Transactions for User
S_BCE_68001427 Transactions for User
S_BCE_68001428 Transactions for User
S_BCE_68001429 Transactions for User
S_BCE_68001430 SAP Audit Tcodes :Compare Users
S_BCE_68001431 Compare Profiles
S_BCE_68001432 Compare Authorizations
S_BCE_68001433 SAP Audit Tcodes: Comparisons
S_BCE_68001434 Where-used lists
S_BCE_68001435 Where-used lists
S_BCE_68001436 Where-used lists
S_BCE_68001437 Where-used lists
S_BCE_68001438 Where-used lists
S_BCE_68001439 For user
S_BCE_68001440 For profiles
S_BCE_68001441 For authorizations

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