Step by Step Guide to Create Notification in SAP PM

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Create Notification in SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) is detailed step by step in the following document.

That you can download or print and use it later a SAP Notification creation bible.

Create Notification in SAP PM

You can create notification in SAP PM using directly the

  • Tcode IW21 to create the General view of the Notification
  • Or you can navigate through the SAP Menu : Logistics > Plant Maintenance > Maintenance Processing > Notification > Create (general)

For more detail how to create a notification, check this other post.

SAP PM Notification important fields

The most important fields when creating a SAP PM Notification are:

  • Notification Type : defines the Notification type
  • Functional Location: defines the location of where the works
  • Main Work Center: defines the type of people who will follow the notification process

SAP PM Tcode to Display Notification

Once created, you can display your notification using

  • this tcode IW23
  • or through the following SAP Path: Logistics > Plant Maintenance > Maintenance Processing > Notification > Display (general)

Create Notification in SAP PM Document

The following PDF file is created by the University of Mississippi and it will take through the creation of SAP PM Notification for

  • M1 for Physical Plant Department
  • Enter M4 for Telecommunications

It is very detailed and self-explained with SAP screenshots how to create Notification in SAP PM..

This Document will mainly cover:

  • Create General Notification to PPD or Telecommunications
  • Notifications ? Display: Details about important Notification in SAP PM.
  • Main Work Center: definition of Work Center in SAP PM and how to assign Work center in SAP PM Notification.
  • Notifications ? Trouble Shooting : how to correct some frequent error when creating PM Notification.

The link for Step by step PDF document is here.