How to Read SAP Notification Status

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SAP Notification Status has a complex status schema, this step by step tutorial will explain you how to read SAP Notification Status.
In the first part, it will explain the SAP Notification Status Tables and the second part will provide sample and function module to read Notification status in SAP.

SAP Notification Status Tables

The main SAP Tables for Notifications are QMEL, JSTO and JEST.

QMEL: Quality Notification.

QMEL is the SAP Master Data Table for Notification.
Check this post for the SAP PM Main?Tables or this post for SAP QM Maint Tables.

As key, fill the QMEL-QMNUM for the Notification Number.
You have to retrieve Object Number for Status Management?corresponding to?QMEL-OBJNR.
The OBJNR number will look like, depending of your customizing, to [QM+Notification No]

JSTO: Status Object Information

Using the previous QMEL-OBJNR as JSTO-OBJNR, retrieve the Status Profile ( JSTO-STSMA ).
The reference table for STSMA is the TJ20 ( Status Profiles ).

JEST: Individual Object Status

The SAP Standard Table for Status is JEST.
Use the QMEL-OBJNR as JEST-OBJNR to retrieve the list of SAP Notification Status.

If you want to read only active status, make sure you filter by JEST-INACT = ‘ ‘.

The SAP Notification Status will be in JEST-STAT.

For SAP Notifications Status , we have

  • System Status: starts with E
  • User Status: start with I

TJ30T: Texts for User Status

Once you get the Status and the Status Profile, you can get the descriptions / texts for the SAP Notification Status from the TJ30T using:


The Text for Status can be found in TJ30T-TXT30 field and it is language-dependent.

Remember that TJ30 is the reference table for User Status.

TJ20T: Texts for System Status

As for SAP Notification User Status, the System Status description can be retrieved from TJ20T with :



BAPI to check?SAP Status

Without getting your hand dirty with coding, SAP offers some functions to read SAP Notification Status.
Next is two function to help you get the work done


STATUS_CHECK is the standard function to check if a Status is Active or not.
The input is the OBJNR and the STATUS of any object.
The Ouput will be an exception:

  • OBJECT_NOT_FOUND: if the status or OBJNR is not relevant
  • STATUS_NOT_ACTIVE: if the status is not active.


ALM_ME_ML_NOTIF_STATUS will help you retrieve all User status details for a single Notification.

The input is the

  • IS_NOTIF_HEADER: header of the notification
  • IT_LANGUAGE_SETTINGs: list of languages you want to retrieve the statu texts for.
  • IT_NOTIFICATION_STATUS: if you want to restrict the select to some status

The Output of this function module will give you the User status in details with texts.

Read more about?Status Management in Notifications