The main SAP Delivery Tcodes (Transaction Codes) and Tables

SAP Delivery Tcodes

List of the most important SAP Delivery Tcodes (Transaction Codes) such as VL* Tcodes and the important SAP Delivery Tables in SAP SD/MM.

What’s a Delivery Document in SAP ?

A document contains all the data required to document and control a business process. Various documents are used in delivery processing to control the processes.

The inbound delivery process is represented in the system by the following documents:

The outbound delivery process is represented in the system by the following documents:

The posting change process is represented in the system by the following documents:

The internal stock transfer process is mapped in the system using the Internal Stock Transfer document. (source)

SAP Delivery Tcodes

Main SAP Tcode for Outbound Delivery

Within the most important Transaction Codes for SAP Outbound Delivery, there are:

Outbound Delivery TcodesDescription
VL01Create Delivery
VL01NCreate Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.
VL02Change Outbound Delivery
VL02NChange Outbound Delivery
VL03Display Outbound Delivery
VL03NDisplay Outbound Delivery

Main Inbound Delivery Tcodes

On the side, Inbound Delivery’s important Transaction Codes are:

Outbound Delivery TcodesDescription
VL31Create Inbound Delivery
VL31NCreate Inbound Delivery
VL32Change Inbound Delivery
VL32NChange Inbound Delivery
VL33Display Inbound Delivery

List of SAP Delivery Transaction Codes

Here the list of SAP Delivery Tcodes:

SAP Delivery TcodesDescription
OVA0C_RV_Tab. VVVS “Status group”
OVF3C_RV_Tab. VAUK “Cost Centers”
OVL6C_RV_Tab. VUVS “Status Group Dely”
OVLMC RV Tab. TROLZ “Route determ.”
OVLUc_rv_tab. vro “Transit time”
OVR2c_rv_Tab. T016 “Sectors”
SDPINumber Range Maint.: SD_PICKING
V633Customer Conversion Dec.Shipping
VG01Create Group
VG02Change Group
VG03Display Group
VGK1Create Group for Delivery
VGK2Change Group for Delivery
VGK3Display Group for Delivery
VGL1Create Group for Delivery
VGL2Change Group for Delivery
VGL3Display Group for Delivery
VGM1Create Group for Freight List
VGM2Change Group for Freight List
VGM3Display Group for Freight List
VGW1Create Picking Wave
VGW2Change Picking Waves
VGW3Display Picking Waves
VL01Create Delivery
VL01NCreate Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.
VL01NOCreate Outbound Dlv. w/o Order Ref.
VL02Change Outbound Delivery
VL02NChange Outbound Delivery
VL03Display Outbound Delivery
VL03NDisplay Outbound Delivery
VL03N_ITEMDisplay Outbound Delivery with Item
VL04Process Delivery Due List
VL06Delivery Monitor
VL06CList Outbound Dlvs for Confirmation
VL06DOutbound Deliveries for Distribution
VL06FGeneral delivery list – Outb.deliv.
VL06GList of Oubound Dlvs for Goods Issue
VL06IInbound Delivery Monitor
VL06ICConfirmation of putaway inb. deliv.
VL06IDInbound Deliveries for Distribution
VL06IFSelection inbound deliveries
VL06IGInbound deliveries for goods receipt
VL06IPInbound deliveries for putaway
VL06LOutbound Deliveries to be Loaded
VL06OOutbound Delivery Monitor
VL06PList of Outbound Dlvs for Picking
VL06TList Outbound Dlvs (Trans. Planning)
VL06UList of Uncheckd Outbound Deliveries
VL08Confirmation of Picking Request
VL09Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note
VL10Edit User-specific Delivery List
VL10ASales Orders Due for Delivery
VL10BPurchase Orders Due for Delivery
VL10BATCHVL10 Background planning
VL10BATCH_ABackground Planning VL10 (0 Tbstrps)
VL10BATCH_BBackground Planning VL10 (3 Tbstrps)
VL10COrder Items Due for Delivery
VL10CUDelivery Scenarios
VL10CUAUser Roles (List Profiles)
VL10CUCCreate Profile – Delivery
VL10CUEExclude Function Code Profile
VL10CUFF Code VL10 Profile
VL10CUVDelivery Scenarios
VL10CU_ALLUser Roles (List Profiles)
VL10DPurch. Order Items due for Delivery
VL10EOrder Schedule Lines due for Deliv.
VL10FPurchOrd Schedule Lines due for Dlv.
VL10GDocuments due for Delivery
VL10HItems Due for Delivery
VL10ISchedule Lines due for Delivery
VL10UCross-System Deliveries
VL10UCCheck / combine unchecked deliveries
VL10XVL10 (technical)
VL12Delivery creation in background
VL21Post goods issue in background
VL22Display Delivery Change Documents
VL22NDisplay Delivery Change Documents
VL23Goods Issue (Background Processing)
VL23NGoods Issue (Background Processing)
VL31Create Inbound Delivery
VL31NCreate Inbound Delivery
VL31WCreate Inbnd Dlv. Notification (WEB)
VL32Change Inbound Delivery
VL32NChange Inbound Delivery
VL32WChange Inbnd Dlv. Notification (WEB)
VL33Display Inbound Delivery
VL33NDisplay Inbound Delivery
VL34Worklist Inbound Deliveries
VL35Create Wave Picks: Delivery/Time
VL35_SCreate Wave Picks: Shipment
VL35_STCreate Wave Picks: Shipment/Time
VL36Change Picking Waves
VL37Wave Pick Monitor
VL38Groups Created: Wave Picks
VL39Billing Documents for Wave Picks
VL41Create Rough GR
VL42Change Rough GR
VL43Display Rough GR
VL51Create Route Schedule: Initial Scr.
VL52Change Route Schedule: Initial Scr.
VL53Display Route Schedule: Initial Scr.
VL60Extended Inbound Delivery Processing
VL60P1Maintenance Profiles for GR Dialog
VL60P2Maintenance of User Groups
VL60PM1Maintenance of Function Profile
VL60PM2Maintenance of Object Profiles
VL60PM3Maintenance of Selection Profiles
VL60PM4Maintain Column Profiles
VL60PM5Maintenance of Filter Profiles
VL60PM6Maintenance of Config. Profiles
VL60VEdit Document
VL64Worklist Inbound Deliveries
VL65Inbound Delivery Purge Report
VL66Inbound Delivery Delete Report
VL70Output From Picking Lists
VL71Output from Outbound Deliveries
VL72Output from Groups of Deliveries
VL73Confirmation of Decentr.Deliveries
VL75Shipping Notification Output
VL76Output from Rough Goods Receipt
VLALArchive Deliveries
VLBTPlan Delivery Creation as a Job
VLE1Picking with Picking Waves
VLIDARDisplay inbound dly from archive
VLK1Picking with Picking Waves
VLK2Picking with Picking Waves
VLK3Picking with Picking Waves
VLLARWE: Picking/Goods Issue Analysis
VLLCRWE: Archive Data
VLLDRough Workload Forecast: Delete Log
VLLERWE: Goods Receipt/Putaway Analysis
VLLFPicking Waves: Archive Data
VLLGRWE: Analyze Complete Overview
VLLPRough Workload Forecast: Display Log
VLLQRWE: Returns to Vendor Analysis
VLLRRWE: Customer/Store Return Analysis
VLLSVar. Stand. Analyses Setting App 42
VLLVW&S: Control RWE/Picking Waves
VLMOVEHU Goods Movements
VLODARDisplay outbound dly from archive
VLPODPOD – Change Outbound Delivery
VLPODAPOD – Display Outbound Delivery
VLPODFWorklist: POD Subsequent Processing
VLPODLWorklist: POD Deliveries
VLPODQAutomatic PoD Confirmation
VLPODW1Proof of Delivery (Communicator)
VLPODW2Proof of Delivery via WEB
VLRLReload Delivery
VLUNIVChange Delivery (General)
VL_COMPLETECompletion of Deliveries
VSANNumber Range Maintenance: RV_SAMMG
VUA4Assignm. Deliv. Type Incompl.Proced.
VUA5Disp. Assignm.Del.Type to Incom.Proc
VUP4Assignm. Deliv.Items to Incom.Proc.
VUP5Display Assignm. Del.Items IncomProc
V_SACollective Proc. Analysis (Deliv.)
V_UCIncomplete SD Documents

SAP Delivery Tables

LIKP and LIPS Table in SAP

The main SAP Delivery Tables in SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) are:

SAP Delivery TablesSAP Delivery tables
LIKPSD Document: Delivery Header Data
LIPSSD document: Delivery: Item data

List of SAP Delivery Tables

All the SAP Delivery Tables are (in the component VL: WS-SHP: General Processing for Shipping) are:

SAP Delivery TablesSAP Delivery Tcodes
DLFLDNon-Changeable Delivery Fields
DVK01R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery Header Data R2 -> R3
DVK02R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery Item Data R2 -> R3
DVKTXR/2-R/3 Link: Delivery texts R2 -> R3
DVM01R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data for Material Master
KNVSCustomer Master Shipping Data
LDA01Decentralized WMS: Delivery Document Appendix
LESHPMDIndicator for active general repairs/LE-SHP
LIKPSD Document: Delivery Header Data
LIPSSD document: Delivery: Item data
LIPSPOLIPS Reference Data Purchase Order
LIPSRFLIPS Reference Data
T186Delivery List Profile
T186CProfile in Deliveries Environment
T186CTTexts for ‘Create Delivery’ Profile
T186EExclude/Include F Codes from the Current GUI Status
T186FFunctions in the Shipping Due List
T186TTexts for ‘Shipping Due List’ List Profile
T186VLink between Scenario and Profile
T186VTTexts for ‘Shipping Due List’ List Profile
T30CWM Materials Staging Zones
T30CTDescription for Materials Staging Zones
T318Picking waves profile
T318TTexts for Picking Waves Profiles
T323Controlling Mail if Error Occurs During Decentral.Shipping
T633KR/2-R/3 Link: One-Time Customer Determination
TAETSWarehouse Sub-Process (Procedure for Warehouse Processes)
TAVGWarehouse Activities (Operations in Warehouse)
TAVGTDecsription of Warehouse Activities
THUCONTROLHandling Unit Control
TL006Assign Units of Measure to Unit-Of-Measure Load Category
TLASTLoad Table for Calculating Workload
TMAWBEVENTDefiniton of Possible Transactions for LE Goods Movements
TMAWBEVENTTText Tables for HU Goods Movement Events
TMCL_LVW&S: Control – RWE + Picking Wave Creation
TPRIOCustomers: Delivery Priorities
TVIERSales Documents Containing Errors
TVLGTRoutes: Weight Groups for Deliveries: Texts
TVPODaily Period Types
TVPODSales Document: Delivery: POD Data
TVPODGReason for Variance in POD
TVPODGTTEXT: Reason for Variance in POD
TVPOTNames of Daily Period Types
TVSLTDeliveries: Texts Processing Status
TVTGReasons for Date Deviation
TVTGTDescriptions for Reasons for Date Deviation
TVTZDeadline Functions
TVTZTDescription for Purpose of Date
TWLVZAssign Shipping Point as Goods Receiving Point to Plant/SLoc
VALWDelivery Plan: Definition of Route Schedule
VALWPRoute Schedule Periods
VALWPVRoute Schedule Periods
VALWTDelivery Plan: Description of Route Schedule
VARKDelivery Plan: Customer-Specific Itinerary
VARZDelivery Plan: Zone-Specific Itinerary
VAWADelivery Plan: Exclusion of Itinerary
VAWKDelivery Plan: Itinerary Determination Customer-Specific
VAWZDelivery Plan: Itinerary Determination Zone-Specific
VBFSError Log for Collective Processing
VBLKSD Document: Delivery Note Header
VLKPASD Index: Deliveries by Partner Functions
VLPMASD Index: Delivery Items by Material
VRSLIReceipt of Materials from Deliveries