Important SAP PI Tcodes (Process Integration Transaction Codes) – SAP XI Tcodes

SAP Process Integration

SAP PI Tcodes ‘post list the main important Transaction Codes in SAP Process Integration.

It includes specific tcodes for SAP PI and some usefull cross-tcodes like for Queue and IDoc.

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SAP PI Tcodes : General

Let’s start by listing the General SAP Process Integration ( PI, XI is the old name ) Transaction codes.
The Most important SAP PI (Process Integration or XI) Transaction Code are

Tcode SAP PI Tcodes : General
SXMB_IFRStart Integration Builder
SXI_CACHEXI Runtime (from IB) cache
SXI_SUPPORTTest all the Repository and Directory Objects
SXDA_TOOLSPost files to AL11 folders

SAP PI Monitoring Tcodes

In order to Monitor the SAP Process Integration Message and system, consider the following SAP PI Monitoring Transaction Codes:

Tocde SAP PI Monitoring Tcodes
SXMB_MONIIntegration Engine – Monitoring
SXI_MONITORXI: Message Monitoring
SXMB_MONI_BPEProcess Engine – Monitoring
SMGWGateway Monitor
ST06Operating System Monitor. cpu memory filesystem machine status
SM37Job Monitoring
SM21System logs
SXMS_SAMONMonitor for Sync/Async Communication messages
SMMSMessage Server Monitor

SAP PI Tcodes for Message Packaging

Message Packaging can be managed by the following SAP PI Tcodes :

PI TcodesMessage Packaging Tcoes in SAP PI
SXMS_BCMdefine Configuration types
SXMS_BCONFGlobal Package Configuration
XMSPKSTATCNFPackage Statistics Configuration
XMSPKSTATMONPackage Statistics Monitoring

SAP XI Tcodes for Administration

When it comes to SAP XI Administation, you can use the following SAP PI Administration Tcodes:

Tcode SAP XI Tcodes for Administration
SXMB_ADMIntegration Engine – Administration
SXMS_MONI_DBPersistence Layer Analysis
SXMB_ADMINIntegration Engine Administration and Monitoring & Integration Engine parameters
AL08list logged in users
AL11SAP Direcories
SCC4Client Administration
SU01User Maintenance
SU10User Maintenance – Mass Changes
AL08Show logged on users

SAP PI Alerts Tcodes

To manage Alerts in SAP PI, you can use one of the following SAP PI Alerts Tcodes:

Alerts Tcodes in PIDescription
ALRTCATDEFAlerts Configuration
ALRTDISPDisplay of Alerts Created
ALRTINBOXBSP alert inbox
ALRTPROCProcess Alerts

CCMS Tcodes for SAP PI

The Transaction Codes for CCMS in SAP Process Integration are:

CCMS TcodesDescription
RZ21Monitoring : Prperties & Methods
RZ20CCMS Monitor Sets
GRMGGeneric Request and Message Generator

SAP PI Configuration Transaction Codes

Coming to Configuration SAP PI, check the following SAP Transaction Codes

Configuration TcodesDescription
RZ10edit system profile

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SAP Idoc Tcodes for Process Integration

For more information on EDI in SAP check the following articles:

SAP Idoc Configuration Tocdes

Actually Idoc can be used in exchange process very easy and have SAP standard business Object behind.

Let’s remind some useful general SAP IDoc Configuration Tcodes:

Tcode SAP Idoc Configuration Tocdes
WE20Partner Profiles
WE21port definition
BD82Maintain partner profile automatically
BD54Logical System Creation
BD64Maintain distribution model
BD71Distibute customer model
SALECreate Logical System
WE31Segment Creation at Transaction
WE30Create IDOC (Basic IDoc Creation)

SAP Idoc Adapter Tcodes

If you want to use SAP PI (Process Integration) with Idocs, it is useful to have the SAP IDoc Adapter Transaction Codes:

TcodeSAP PI Tcodes for IDoc Adapter
IDX1Idoc adapter
IDX2idoc metadata
IDX5monitor idoc adapter

EDI Monitoring Tcodes in SAP

The main SAP EDI Monitoring Tcodes are:

TcodeSAP PI Tcodes for EDI Monitoring
WE02Idoc display
WE05Idoc list
WE07Idoc statistics
SM58QRFC (SOMETIMES idocs coluld not leave the SAP sending system)
SM50Processes (are there enough in case of masss load)
SMQ2Inbound Queues

SAP ALE Administration

For ALE Administration check the following Tcodes:

SALEDefine ALE logical system
WE20Partner Profile
WE21IDoc port
WEDIMainatain menu for EDI related activities
BALEMain menu for ALE related activities

SAP Idoc Definition Transaction Codes

The following List is not exclusively for SAP PI, but it is more for SAP Idoc :

WE31Segment editor
WE30Idoc editor to create and extend Idoc type
BD53Reduce Idoc types for master data
WE60Idoc documenataion (structure and segment definition)
WE61Idoc documentation (control & data and status records)

SAP IDoc Testing Tcodes

One the SAP IDoc Process is done, the next step is to test the SAP IDoc Processing.
Use the following SAP IDoc Testing Transaction Codes:

WE19Test tool for IDOC
WE12Create an inbound into an outbound
WE16Process an incoming Idoc file
WE17Process an incoming status file

Reprocessing IDocs Tcodes

In order to reprocess a SAP IDocs, you can either one of the following Transaction Codes:


Idoc Packaging Tcodes in SAP

IDXPWto activate the IDOC message package
IDXPto monitor the message packages

SAP Search IDoc Tcodes

If you want to search an Idoc from a value of field segment of the IDoc, you may consider the following Tcoes for Search IDoc:

WE09Search for IDocs by Content

Check the following article for the Most Useful SAP EDI Transactions (SAP Idocs Tcodes) & SAP EDI Tables.

SAP Queues Tcodes

If the mesasge or the Idoc is not fullfilled or lost you may check the Queues (inbound or OutBound Queue) to check the issue.
The main Transacion Codes for Queues in SAP (PI included) are:

SMQ1qRFC monitor – outbound message queue
SMQ2qRFC monitor – inbound message queue
SMQ3save queue entry for qRFC monitor
SMQSto register the destination in QOUT scheduler
SMQRto register the queue

RFC Tcodes for SAP XI

The main Transaction code for RFC (Remote Function Call) in SAP are:

SM58Asynchronous RFC Error Log
SM59RFC Destinations

SAP PI Tcodes Related Troubleshooting

Sometimes, to troubleshoot a PI (Process integration Issue), you may check the following SAP Tcodes :

SLDCHECKTest SLD Connection
ST22ABAP dump analysis
SM21Online System Log Analysis
SM50Work process overview
ST11Error Log Files
SM20Analysis of Sequrity Audit Log

Useful SAP PI Tcodes

AL11Directory listing
SE09/SE10Change Request(Transport Organiser)
SE11Data dictionary
SE37mantain funcion modules
SICFhttp server configuration
table TSTCsap transactions codes
table TSTCTtransaction descriptions
STMStransports management
SPAMapply ABAP support packages
SPAUmanage objects after apply support packages
SE01manage change requests
SM12Table locks
SE38ABAP Editor
SE11ABAP Dictionary
SPROXYABAP Proxy Generation
SE80Object Navigator
ABAPDOCUABAP Documentation and Examples
SE24Class Builder
RZ70SLD Data Supplier
SE16Data Browser
SE93Maintain Transaction Codes
SM30Call View Maintenance
SM02System Messages
SWF_XI_PBUILDERfor Detail BPM Process
SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZINGtransaction to check prerequisites for integration processes.
WEOUTQUEUEto start the queue processing

Source: XI Transaction Codes

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