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SAP CRM Business Transaction: The main SAP CRM Tables and BAPI

SAP CRM Business: In SAP CRM, Business Transaction in CRM is defined by Object Type which defines the kind of the Business Transaction.  In this post, you will find the most used SAP CRM transaction Codes  and the related SAP CRM tables also more details about

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SAP CRM Business Partner with SAP CRM Tables and BAPIs

SAP CRM Business Partner are the key object in CRM because the aim of CRM is to give a 360° view of customer and vendor . It is oriented on Business Partner. All the party are modelized as SAP CRM Business Partner (BP).

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SAP CRM Middleware Important Tcodes/Transactions

SAP CRM Middleware allows SAP CRM Integration to exchange Data between Different Systems. Middleware use Business Document (BDoc) messagas. The most used transaction for middleware is SMW01 to display Bdoc messages.

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