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SAP Workflow Tables SAP Workflow Tcodes

SAP Workflow Tcodes and SAP Workflow Tables

The list of the most important SAP Workflow Tcodes and SAP Workfkow Tables classified by topics. First, you will find the most important SAP WF Tcodes for both Development, TroubleShooting and Monitoring. Then, the most used SAP WF tables will be listed with some real


List of The most important JSON ABAP Classes in SAP

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write and easy for machines to parse and generate. It is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language. SAP can handle JSON format. So standard SAP

List of Important SAP Material Types in SAP MM e1531389169319

List of Important SAP Material Types in SAP MM

SAP Material Types in SAP MM are classified using Material Type and Material Category. Let’s focus on SAP Material Types here. First, we will define what’s a SAP Material Types ? Then we will list the standard types in SAP ECC. The next section covers


Convert JSON to ABAP Internal Table and ABAP Data to JSON Format

JSON is a more and more used when dealing with communication between SAP System and different Information System Landscape. Here we will start with a fast definition for JSON and JSON Data. Then we will explain 3 different ways/Alternatives to convert JSON Data to ABAP

List of WorkItems for a User

How to retrieve List of WorkItems for a user ?

You will find here the different methods to extract the list of WorkItems by user and TaskID. First we will start with the existing SAP Standard Function/BAPI to retrieve user’s WorkItems. Then we will have a look on Work Items and User tables in SAP

Regular Expressions in SAP ABAP

Using Regular Expressions in SAP ABAP ( REPLACE, FIND REGEX )

Start using Regular Expressions with ABAP and your Code will be more efficient and shorter. FIND REGEX and REPLACE ABAP statement with Samples and real case. In this article, we will start with the common Regular Expressions Operators used in ABAP. Then, you will find some

Shared Memory Object Class

How to Create Shared Memory Object Class in ABAP

Create AREA ROOT Class for Shared Memroy Object Area The first step is to create an Area Rool class. ( let’s say ZCL_ROOT) Go to SAP Transaction SE24 and create a new class. Make sure you checked “Shared Memory Enabled” under Class/Interface Propertiess Tab as