SAP OTR Tcodes, Tables, Function and Translation

SAP OTR, Online Text Repository OTR Tcodes Tables Function and Translation

SAP OTR: “The Online Text Repository (OTR) is a central storage location for texts, and provides services for editing and managing these texts.

The main task of the OTR is to support the creation and translation of texts. The OTR makes translation of texts possible. Terminology is more uniform and texts can easily be reused.

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List of The most important JSON ABAP Classes in SAP


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write and easy for machines to parse and generate.

It is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language.

SAP can handle JSON format. So standard SAP offers mutiple JSON ABAP Classes. Here the main list of theses classes. 

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How to retrieve Mime Type of File in ABAP ? ( SAP Mime Types Tables)

Mime Type in SAP

This article will guide through how to retrieve Mime Type of any file using ABAP Program.

First, let’s deal with some definition ( what’s mime type ? ). Then we will list the most important tables in SAP for MimeTypes.
The last part will cover how to retrive, for a particular file, the mime type using standard SAP functions.

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SAP Material Types List in SAP MM

List of Important SAP Material Types in SAP MM e1531389169319

SAP Material Types in SAP MM are classified using Material Type and Material Category. Let’s focus on SAP Material Types here.

First, we will define what’s a SAP Material Types ? Then we will list the standard types in SAP ECC.

The next section covers the technical side of SAP Material Types. Finally, we present the way how to create a custom/new SAP Material Types.

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Using Regular Expressions in SAP ABAP (REPLACE, FIND REGEX)

Regular Expressions in SAP ABAP

Start using Regular Expressions with ABAP and your Code will be more efficient and shorter.FIND REGEX and REPLACE ABAP statement with samples and real case.

In this article, we will start with the common Regular Expressions Operators used in ABAP.

Then, you will find some useful ABAP Statement using Regular Expressions in order to detail the main Regex in ABAP: the FIND REGEX and REPLACE. 

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SAP UI Theme Designer PDF Ressources: Step by Step Started Guides

SAP UI Theme Designer

SAP is no more only the SAPGUI Interface. SAP’ UI is becoming more open and more customizable.

SAP UI Theme Designer is the new tool to create custom Theme for Different SAP Application going from SAP GUI for HTML, WebDynPro ABAP And SAP Fiori Apps.

In this article, you will find a compilation of useful PDF documents presenting SAP UI Theme Designer and enriched with Step by Step Tutorials on How to create and apply Custom Theme.

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Main SAP Product Hierarchy Tables and Quick Tips

SAP Product Hierarchy Tables

SAP Product hierarchy tables stored the PH is an alphanumeric character string used for grouping materials.

In the standard SAP system, a product hierarchy can be created with up to three levels, each with a specific number of characters. Each level signifies a certain characteristic of the product. (source)

You find here the list of the main SAP Product Hierarchy Tables and some quick tips working with PH.

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