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Demystifying ABAP Code Page in SAP ( Tables and BAPI )

ABAP Code page determines how the systeme interprets ?data and display the data. In ABAP, you have to set the code page in order to handle the special characters. (?For exemple, in French ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?


Conversion ABAP: between Binary, String, XString and Table

Conversion ABAP between types is a main topics in an ABAP developer. Actually, SAP stores sometimes the same information/Data in different table or the module function requests a different types for the input or output. This article will cover Conversion in ABAP Coding between the

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CL_BCS : How to easily Send Email with ABAP

CL_BCS is the standard new SAP to handle and send email. CL_BCS allows to – Attach files to email – Build the html/raw of body. – Set email’s Senders & Receiver – Send email … This post is a step by step SAP ABAP Tutorial

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SAP Refresh Buffer – All the Tcodes to refresh Buffer in SAP

SAP Refresh Buffer: time to time, SAP Refresh buffer is required. Please find bellowing the list of shortcut to handle different type of refresh. Although, you must consider that refreshing Buffer is SAP may cause serious performance issue, in fact, after refreshing SAP will try