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Sap Work Center Tables

The most Important SAP Work Center Tables in SAP PP

Work center consists of master data related to routing of products. It contains data related to scheduling, capacity planning, and production costing. Find here the most important SAP Work Center Tables in SAP.

SAP PP Tcodes, SAP MC94

SAP MC94 Tcode – Change Flexible LIS Planning

SAP MC94 Tcode SAP MC94 Tcode (Change Flexible LIS Planning) is classified in the Production Planning and Control module under application component Sales Plan and runs R/3 application development: Sales & Operations Planning program SAPMMCP6 upon execution. Check the full list of SAP PP Transaction

SAP Production Order Tables; SAP Production Orders Tcodes

SAP Production Orders Tcodes and SAP Planning Order Transactions

SAP Production Orders Tcodes: regroups the most used SAP PP Tcodes used for SAP Production Orders and SAP Planning Orders. Before listing the main important Production and Planning Orders Transaction Codes, I introduced some definition for both these orders types.

SAP BOM, How to link STKO and STPO, SAP BOM

How to link STKO and STPO for BOM in SAP

How to link STKO and STPO : Find the link between STKO and STPO is a common requirement in SAP PP for example. This post will guide through the SAP Tables Diagram for SAP BOM.

SAP Process Order IDoc; SAP Process Order Status; trigger IDOC LOIPRO; SAP Process Order Idoc Outound;sap output message, SAP MM Batch Management

How To trigger IDOC LOIPRO when PO Changed or Created

Trigger IDOC LOIPRO: SAP Process Order IDoc in detail is the main topic of the following SAP ABAP Tutorial. First, the SAP Porcess Order IDoc structure LOIPRO will be detailled. ( covered in Part 1?) Second how to fill the extra segment of an IDoc

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