SAP Production Order Tables and Join Between PO Tables (AUFK, AFVC, AFFL, AFRU…)

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SAP Production Order Tables: find the most important SAP Tables used for Production Orders.

SAP PO Tables, in this article, will be classified by topics including: AFKO, AFVC, Status, Operation, Routines, Confirmations, missing Parts Tables, SAP CIM Order Tables.

As bonus, you will find some useful join condition to retrieve data of Production Order data for Standard SAP Tables.

SAP Production Order Tables

What’s Production Order in SAP

Production orders are a fundamental part of Production Planning and Control (PP).

PP is fully integrated in the Logistics (LO) component and has, among others, interfaces to

  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Materials Management (MM)
  • Controlling (CO)

Source: Production Orders (PP-SFC)

Main SAP Production Order Tables

The main Production order tables name in sap are

  • AUFK Production order headers
  • AFKO Order header data PP orders
  • AFPO Order item

Check also SAP Production Orders Tcodes and SAP Planning Order Transactions

Join Between AUFK and AFPO

To retrieve Order Header from PP Production Order, join between

AUFK (Order header) and AFPO on field AUFNR

SAP PO Status tables

The main Production Order Status tables are:

  • JSTO Status profile
  • JEST Object status
  • TJ30 user status codes
  • TJ31 process control user status

How to find Status of SAP Production Order ?

In order to find SAP Production Order Status make a join between
AUFK (Order header) & JEST (active Status) on OBJNR

Link between JEST and TJ31 is set on STSMAS and ESTAT.

Alternatively, you can use the SAP Standard BAPI to read Production Order status:

  call function 'STATUS_READ'     
      OBJNR            = L_AUFNR
      ONLY_ACTIVE      = 'X'
      STATUS           = IT_JEST
      others           = 2.

SAP Production Order: Operation Table AFVC

The Production Order Operation can be found in the following Tables

  • AFVC Order operations
  • AFVV Quantities/dates/values in the operation
  • AFVU User fields of the operation

SAP Production Order: SAP Routing Tables

The Routing for Production Orders tables are:

  • AFFL Work order sequence
  • AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order (routing)

The link between AFKO (Order header) & AFVC (order routing) is set on field AUFPL

Sap production order confirmation table

SAP Order Confirmations are stored in

  • AFRU (confirmation)

To retrieve the confirmation of a SAP Production Order;
join between AFVC (order routing) and AFRU (confirmation) on : AUFPL & APLZL & PLNFL & VORN

Sap production order Tcode and Transaction

Find the list of the most important SAP Tcodes for SAP Production Orders and Planned Order in SAP PP in the following Post SAP Production Orders Tcodes.

Production Order Tables in SAP PP

SAP PP Confirmations for SAP Production Orders Tables

The following list is the SAP Tables for Production Orders Confirmation in SAP PP

AFFWGoods movements with errors from confirmation
AFRCTable of planned changes to conf.: Automatic
AFRDDefault values for collective confirmation
AFRHHeader information for confirmation pool
AFRP1Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic
AFRP2/3/4Table of planned changes for confirmation: A/B/Data
AFRUOrder completion confirmations
AFWISubsequently posted goods movements for conf
TAFWDCORU: Messages that are not interpreted
TCORDTable for field-dependent check routines
TCORUParameters for order confirmations
TCORVTable with Routines for structuring variable
TCORWConfirmation: Window Control
TPARUControl paralleled confirmation processes
TPRRUControl table for process chain for confirmation
TPRRUTText table for process control of confirmation
TRUGSUser status caused by deviation

Source:Table name & field name for production order & operation confirmation

List of SAP PP Production Order Data Tables

The following list is the SAP Production Order Tables in SAP PP.

These SAP PO Tables stored all the PO Data:

AFBPCIM order: Batch print requests
AFFLWork order sequence
AFKOOrder header data PP orders
AFPOOrder item
AFVCOperation within an order
AFVUDB structure of the user fields of the opera
AFVVDB structure of the quantities/dates/values
FAPWIndex of production-/issuing plant for production
ORDCOMCommunication control Operation download

SAP Print PP Tables

SAP Print PP Tables handles the output of PP Documents.

T496PPrint PP documents: Determination of output
T496RPrint PP shop papers: Report control
T496TSAP Print PP shop papers: Transaction control
T496VPP Print: Default Value for Printing Online

SAP CIM Order Tables in PP

The following List contains Related SAP CIM Tables in PP.

T496BCIM order: Assigning document types to refer
T496DCIM: Destination/lists/spool parameters per
T496FCIM order: Form description of the list
T496KCIM order: Entity table of possible table id
T496NList descriptions for CIM order Table
T496ZCIM order: Table-controlled table access
TCO03CIM order: Texts for TCO01
TCO41Default values for generating operation in CIM order
TCO09CIM order: Text IDs of objects in orders

SAP Missing Parts Tables

Here another list of SAP PP Tables related to Production Order Process.

The main SAP Missing Parts Tables are:

TCOFProfile for missing parts info system
TCOFFProfile for Missing Parts Info System: Display
TCOFFTTexts for Missing Parts Info System: Display
TCOFGProfile for missing parts info system: Criteria
TCOFGTTexts for Missing Parts Info System: Criteria
TCOFKTexts for functions in milestones/trigger
TCOFSProfile for Missing Parts Info System: Sort
TCOFSTTexts for Missing Parts Info System: Sort
TCOFTTexts for Missing Parts Info System
TXPR1XPRA control : missing parts info system
TXPR1XPRA control : missing parts info system
FTINDMissing parts index

Text & Customizing Tables for Production Order

In the next part, you will find the list to related SAP PP Production Order Tables starting with T*.

In fact, this Tables’s List is more for customizing and Text Tables.

T024FProduction scheduler
T399XParameters dependent on order type
T441CProfile : availability check
T441CTTexts for Profile “Display Availability Check”
T490Transactions PP – orders – order category
T024FProduction scheduler
T024FProduction scheduler
T399XParameters dependent on order type
T441CProfileavailability check
T441CTTexts for Profile “Display Availability Check”
T490Transactions PP orders: order category
TC32Assigning subscreen to processing location
TC34Allocating operation to object type for the
TC62Sequence of detail screens when processing
TCO01Sequence/operations control in logistics
TCO04Table for controlling the screen sequence
TCO05CUA status depending on panel & trans. type
TCO06Exclusive functions for PP orders
TCO10Valuation variant for order costing
TCO11Control table for production orders – available
TCO12Control table production orders – stock
TCO36PP orders: Control table for calling up pop-
TCO43PP-SFC order profile
TCO43TDescription of production scheduler profile
TCO60Sequence keys for input facility and verification
TCO61Sequence key for PP orders
TCO62Defining screen sequences for input facility
TCO63Sequence of detail screens when maintaining
TCODBDatabase fields development class CO per order
TCOKOConstants for PP orders
TCOKTAccount assignment categories for order
TCOPField selection profile
TCOPSField selection profile
TCOPTDescription of Profile for Field Selection
TRUGReason for variances in completion confirmation
TRUGTText describing the reason for a variance in