ABAP: How to Convert String to Integer, Quantity, Currency

Convert String to Number and Quantity in ABAP

Convert String to Number and String in ABAP : Find here the different methods to convert String variable into Number, Quantity or Amount in SAP ABAP with sample code or SAP standard function template making easing to convert string.

You will find mainly how to Convert String to Number in ABAP, SAP ABAP Convert string to decimal in ABAP, Convert String to Quantity in ABAP and ABAP Convert String to Amount (Currency).

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Conversion ABAP: between Binary, String, XString and Table


Conversion ABAP between types is a main topics in an ABAP developer.

Actually, SAP stores sometimes the same information/Data in different table or the module function requests a different types for the input or output.

This article will cover Conversion in ABAP Coding between the most used types : Binary, String and Table.

Will handling with data or attachment, few conversion function will be helpful in order to extract, save file.

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