How to retrieve List of WorkItems for a user ?

You will find here the different methods to extract the list of WorkItems by user and TaskID.

First we will start with the existing SAP Standard Function/BAPI to retrieve user’s WorkItems. Then we will have a look on WorkItems and User tables in SAP Workflow. 

Function/BAPI Retrieve WorkItem by User

Count Work Items for User

Let’s start by counting the WorkItems for a SAP User. You can use the function: SAP_WAPI_COUNT_WORKITEMS. You should fill the user in USER and you can filter by WorkItems, Task_Id.
Here the signature of SAP_WAPI_COUNT_WORKITEMS: Workflow Interfaces: Number of Work Items for User.


The standard function module SAP_WAPI_WORKITEMS_BY_TASK is all what you need to extract list of WorkItems for a SAP user.
You can filter by Time, User, WorkItems Types (WORKITEM_TYPE_FILTER[]) and Task_ID (TASK_FILTER[]).
The Result will be in WORKLIST containing all relevant information for User’s WorkItems.

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Here the signature of SAP_WAPI_WORKITEMS_BY_TASK:

WorkItems and User Related Tables

SAP WorkItem Header Table SWWWIHEAD

SWWWIHEAD: Workflow Runtime: Header Table for All Work Item Types
You will find data such as :

  • WI_ID: Work item ID
  • WI_TYPE: Work item type
  • WI_CREATOR: Creator of a work item
  • WI_RH_TASK: Task ID

SWFDEVENA: Activations for Event Linkages

List of Current Work ITems assigned to a User : SWWUSERWI

SWWUSERWI: Current Work Items Assigned to a User.
The fields of SWWUSERWI are:

  • USER_ID: User Name in User Master Record
  • WI_ID: Work item ID
  • TASK_OBJ: Concatenation of Object Type and Object ID
  • NO_SEL: Indicator: Entry has no Relevance to Selection
  • NO_EXECUTE: Work Item May Not be Executed by User Specified
  • FORWARD: Indicator: Work Item was Forwarded

Assignment of WIs to Org. Unit/Task: SWWORGTASK

SWWORGTASK:Workflow Runtime: Assignment of WIs to Org. Unit/Task
You can use this table if you want retrieve the list of WorkItems by an Organization Unit rather than SAP User.

  • WI_ID :Work item ID
  • ORG_OBJ :Concatenated Identification (Type and ID) of Org.Objects
  • TASK_OBJ :Task
  • IDNO_SEL :Indicator: Entry has no Relevance to Selection
  • FORWARD: Indicator: Work Item was Forwarded

Note that you can use directly the SAP Transaction code SWI5.
The Tcode SWI5 offers filtering WorkItems by : Org. Unit, Type ( Completed Work Items, To Be Completed WI), Date, Task, Task Group and Application Component.

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SAP WorkItem History Table: SWWLOGHIST

SWWLOGHIST: Workflow Runtime: History of a Work Item
In the SAP WorkItem History Tables, you will find all the information you need.

Check the following fields:

  • WI_ID : Work item ID
  • METH_USER: Actual Agent of Work Item