How to retrieve List of WorkItems for a user ?

You will find here the different methods to extract the list of WorkItems by user and TaskID.

First we will start with the existing SAP Standard Function/BAPI to retrieve user’s WorkItems. Then we will have a look on Work Items and User tables in SAP Workflow.

Function/BAPI Retrieve Work Item by User

Count Work Items for User

Let’s start by counting the Work Items for a SAP User. You can use the function: SAP_WAPI_COUNT_WORKITEMS.

You should fill the user in USER and you can filter by Work Items, Task_Id.
Here the signature of SAP_WAPI_COUNT_WORKITEMS: Workflow Interfaces: Number of Work Items for User.

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The standard function module SAP_WAPI_WORKITEMS_BY_TASK is all what you need to extract list of Work Items for a SAP user.

You can filter by Time, User, Work Items Types (WORKITEM_TYPE_FILTER[]) and Task_ID (TASK_FILTER[]).
The Result will be in WORKLIST containing all relevant information for User’s Work Items.

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Here the signature of SAP_WAPI_WORKITEMS_BY_TASK:

Work Items and User Related Tables

SAP Work Item Header Table SWWWIHEAD

SWWWIHEAD: Workflow Runtime: Header Table for All Work Item Types
You will find data such as :

FieldsSWWWIHEAD Table Fields
WI_ID Work item ID
WI_TYPE Work item type
WI_CREATOR Creator of a work item
SWFDEVENAActivations for Event Linkages

List of Current Work ITems assigned to a User : SWWUSERWI

SWWUSERWI: Current Work Items Assigned to a User.
The fields of SWWUSERWI are:

FieldsSWWUSERWI Tables Fields
USER_ID User Name in User Master Record 
WI_ID Work item ID 
TASK_OBJ Concatenation of Object Type and Object ID 
NO_SEL Indicator  Entry has no Relevance to Selection
NO_EXECUTE Work Item May Not be Executed by User Specified 
FORWARD Indicator  Work Item was Forwarded

Assignment of WIs to Org. Unit/Task: SWWORGTASK

SWWORGTASK:Workflow Runtime: Assignment of WIs to Org. Unit/Task
You can use this table if you want retrieve the list of Work Items by an Organization Unit rather than SAP User.

FieldsMain SWWORGTASK Fields
WI_ID�Work item ID 
ORG_OBJ�Concatenated Identification (Type and ID) of Org.Objects 
IDNO_SEL Indicator  Entry has no Relevance to Selection
FORWARD Indicator  Work Item was Forwarded

Note that you can use directly the SAP Transaction code SWI5.
The Tcode SWI5 offers filtering Work Items by : Org. Unit, Type ( Completed Work Items, To Be Completed WI), Date, Task, Task Group and Application Component.

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SAP Work Item History Table: SWWLOGHIST

SWWLOGHIST: Workflow Runtime: History of a Work Item
In the SAP Work Item History Tables, you will find all the information you need.

Check the following fields:

  • WI_ID : Work item ID
  • METH_USER: Actual Agent of Work Item