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The Most Important SAP PM Tcodes – Classified by PM Topics

SAP PM Main Tcodes regroups the main used transaction in SAP PM. Of course, it will depend on you use of PM. but still it can be helpful.

The Main SAP Plaint Maintenance Transaction Codes will be classified by Categories in this article:

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The most important SAP PM Main BAPI (SAP Plant Maintenance BAPI)

SAP PM Main BAPI for important Objects of SAP PM: Measurements, Notifications, Orders, Confirmation, Functional Location and Equipment.
As I lost a lot of time finding out which BAPI, I want to avoid you that. So, I am sharing the whole list of almost all data for SAP PM Main BAPI Notification, Order, … ).

The list is organized by topic and the most used bapi are in bold.  The topics for SAP PM BAPI covered here are: 

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SAP PM Tables relationship Diagram (PDF)

SAP PM Tables Relationship will help you go through the complex SAP Tables landscape of SAP PM.

Here the SAP PM Tables relationship with fields join between relevant Plant Maintenance tables in SAP.

SAP Plant Maintenance?module consists of key activities to include inspection, notifications, corrective and preventive maintenance, repairs, and other measures to maintain an ideal technical system.

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