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SAP CRM Middleware Important Tcodes/Transactions

SAP CRM Middleware allows SAP CRM Integration to exchange Data between Different Systems.
Middleware use Business Document (BDoc) messagas.
The most used transaction for middleware is SMW01 to display Bdoc messages.

Here the list of other usefull transactions by topics

  • SAP CRM Middleware Main Transactions
  • Middleware Configuration
  • Middleware Troubleshooting
  • XIF/ BDoc Generation

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SAP CRM Middleware Main Transactions

The most important SAP CRM Middleware Transaction are:


Middleware Configuration

Configuration of SAP CRM Middleware starts with configuration of replication object, then comes the subscription objects and finally the creation of Queue.
The following table represents the Tcodes for Middleware configuration.

Tcode Description
SALE Define Logical system
SM59 Configuration of RFC Connections
SMOEAC Administration Console
SMQ1 Outbound Queue
SMQ2 Inbound Queue
R3AC3 Adapter object overview ( filter and customizing)
R3AS Start Initial Load
R3AM1 Monitor replication status
R3AC1 Adapter Object Overview

Middleware Troubleshooting

Naturally, errors occur … yes even for middleware.

  1. The first step is to check the Bdoc Message (SMW01 ).
  2. If the Bdoc Messages analysis is not enough, check the qRFC Monitor (SMQ1/2 ).
  3. Finally, after correction, Bdoc Messages can be copied and replayed (SMW19 & SMW20 )

XIF/ BDoc Generation

In the XIF interface doesn’t exist ( for exemple ), you can generate the ALE interface for the message with BDFG.
The Structure of Bdoc Message can be displayed with Tcode SBDM.

Tcode Description
BDFG Generate ALE interace
SBDM BDoc Structures
SMOAEC Message Suscription
SMOGTOTAL Generate Object for CRM Replication