Manage SAP SLG1 – Application Log in ABAP with samples

Sap Application Log with transactions SAP SLG0 and SAP SLG1.
The First part covers the main SAP Application Log using the standard SAP Application Log SLG0 and SLG1.
The Second part details how you can create, manage SAP Log using ABAP with the different options.

SAP SLG1 : Display SAP Application Log

Display Log using SLG1

SAP LOG Display Log

Pop Up Show SAP Log Application

Check this post for more detail
ABAP PopUp: Types and Samples codes > ABAP PopUps Programs Sample

SLG0 : Create Log Object and SubObject

Create/Maintain SAP Application Log Objects and subobjects using tcode SLG0.

Add log in SAP SLG1 within ABAP Program

Initialize log


Add Free text to SAP SLG1 Log

Add Message Table BAPIRET2 to  the SAP SLG1 log

Save and close SAP SLG1 Application Log


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