How to check and hide SAP IDOC entries in tRFC Queue in BD87 ?

SAP IDOC entries in tRFC Queue in BD87 is very common error in ABAP Developper’s life. Find following why this errors occurs and how to investigate and find the solution to deblock the SAP IDocs.

IDOC entries in tRFC Queue Source

Nothing better than a screenshot to illustrate the issue. Increasing numbers of Idocs getting stucked in SAP Tcode BD87 ( for ALE IDoc Monitoring).
The status is ‘IDoc entries in tRFC queue’. Meanwhile, there is no trace for IDocs even in SAP IDOC Master Table EDIDC.

IDOC entries in tRFC Queue

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The IDocs with this issues are shown even if you apply a filter. It should some “feature” to display important errors for RFC communication.

Hide SAP IDoc entries in tRFC Queue

If your SAP System under 5, it will be harsh to hide Red IDoc entries in tRFC queue within transaction BD87.

One solution could be to play with authorization

Objekt: S_ADMI_FCD

If you have a quite newer system ( for example, SAP ECC 6.0 with SAP BASIS 700), you should have an option in BD87 selection screen to not display them.

IDOC entries in tRFC Queue Investigation

Check the RFC Queue with SM58

Launch the SAP Tcode/ Transaction SM58. An alterantive way is to run the SAP Report RSARFCRD in SE38.

Check if there is any errors in RFC Queue. Investigate the Status Message. the issue could be a system out or an ABAP dump somewhere.

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SM58_ RFC Queue

It is possible to run Delete a blocked entries ( some authorizations must be assigned ). Often, you can delete your own blocked message in the SAP RFC queue.

Check Registration of Destinations with SMQS

By Destination, check the TRFC Monitor and QRFC Monitor at SMQS Tcode.
You will have more information than the first Transaction.

You can also check if the RFC is obsolete and it should be good to delete.

Check SAP qRFC and SAP tRFC tables

Check the following SAP Tables storing the tRFC and the qRFC calls


More information about 


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