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Sample ABAP Program for Application server File

ABAP Program for Application server File is a sample SAP Custom Program to give you an example how file are handled on Application server.  The following ABAP program check if a file exists and create a new file on Application Server .

Sample ABAP Program for Application server File

The main points from this ABAP Sample code are:

Search Help for SAP Folder can be performed with the standard function module /SAPDMC/LSM_F4_SERVER_FILE.

Checking if a file exists on Application server can be do with  OPEN DATASET file FOR INPUT IN BINARY MODE.

A sample OPEN DATASET file for OUTPUT to write file on Back-end.

This ABAP Program will retrieve a list of Customer from KNA1 and create a file on Application server with the SAP Customer List.

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Find the OPEN DATASET documentation on

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