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SAP CRM Business Transaction: The main SAP CRM Tables and BAPI

SAP CRM Business: In SAP CRM, Business Transaction in CRM is defined by Object Type which defines the kind of the Business Transaction.  In this post, you will find the most used SAP CRM transaction Codes  and the related SAP CRM tables also more details about the usefull BAPI for Business Transaction BAPI. 

SAP CRM Business Transaction

SAP CRM Business Transaction is the key to identify the type of SAP CRM Transaction .
The main SAP CRM transaction Codes  are:

Sample for SAP CRM Transaction Codes Relationship for Order


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SAP CRM Transaction Main Tables

The main Tables for SAP CRM Business Transaction are CRMD_ORDERADM_H ( for header data).
All related Tables start with CRMD_*.
You will find following the main tables for SAP CRM Business Transaction:

SAP CRM Tables  Description
CRMD_ORDER_INDEX All the transactions in CRM. Link BP & CRM Transaction
CRMD_CUSTOMER_H Contract Details
CRMD_CUSTOMER_I Additional Site Details
CRMD_ORDERADM_H Header Details

SAP CRM Business Transaction Main BAPI

When Dealing with SAP CRM Business Transaction in ABAP, there is some BAPIs to know.
The main BAPI is CRM_ORDER_READ and it will be detailed later in this post.
First let’s introduce the main BAPIs :

BAPI Description
GUID_CREATE Create GUID for a Business Transaction
BAPI_BUSPROCESSND_SAVE BAPI to save trhe service Contracts
CRM_ORDERADM_H_READ_OW Read Header Details for a Business Transaction
CRM_ORDERADM_I_READ_OW Read Items Details for a Business Transaction
CRM_ORDER_READ Get all Order/Service/Activity/Lead/Quotation/Opportunity … details.
CRM_ORDER_GETSTATUS Read Status of Business Transaction
CRM_ORDER_SAVE Save Transaction Change
CRM_APPT_MAINTAIN_SINGLE_OW Maintain Sate for service Contract. Call CRM_ORDER_SAVE after
CRM_STATUS_MAINTAIN_OW Maintain User Status for CRM Transaction
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CRM_ORDER_READ cannot be called directly. Instead call the program with the same name CRM_ORDER_READ to read all the data.
The SAP CRM Transaction Codes pilot the type of the SAP CRM Action ( Order, Opportunity … )

Performance Tips CRM_ORDER_READ

Always pass the IT_REQUESTED_OBJECTS structure to CRM_ORDER_READ to fech only required details.

Important Structures

The related SAP CRM Tables for CRM Transaction will be retrieved into the following tables:

Input/Output Description
ET_ORDERADM_H Header Details of a Business Transaction: OBJECT_ID / PROCESS_TYPE
ET_ORDERADM_I Items Details of a Business Transaction: PRODUCT/ PRODUCT_KIND/ HEADER
ET_ACTIVITY_H Header of Activitiy Detail: PRIORITY/OBJECTIVE/Address
ET_ACTIVITY_I Items details for an activity
ET_PARTNER Partner Dtails at Header & Items Level
ET_STATUS Status for Header & Items
ET_BILLING Billing related details.
ET_DOC_FLOW Documents flow of the Business Transaction
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