A Quick Introduction to ABAP HR Programming (PDF)

ABAP HR Programming

ABAP HR PROGRAMMING is a variant of ABAP Programming for a specific SAP HR ( Humain Ressources modules).

This post contains two PDF Guides to start a journey as an ABAP HR developer and to understand the difference between the ‘classic ABAP’ and the HR ABAP.

In the end, find more resources to learn ABAP Programming for SAP HR Module.


SAP HR Modules

SAP HR Modules covers the following topics

  • Personnel Management (PA)
  • Time Management (PT)
  • Recruitment (PB)
  • Organizational Management (OM)
  • Personnel Development (PD)
  • Training & Event Management (TM)


SAP R/3 HR Programming Overview

This is the best guide to start HR development with ABAP.
This SAP HR PDF Guide starts with

  • HR Data Structure,
  • Master Data (PA),
  • Payroll Result Data (PCL2),
  • Payroll Result Data,
  • HR Programming – Logical Database,
  • HR Programming – LDB – PY,
  • HR Programming – Using macros and
  • HR Programming w/o LDB.

Here the SAP HR ABAP Development PDF guide:

source: melayu.plus.com

HR Programming Introduction

The following ABAP HR Programming PDF will cover the most important topics in SAP HR development

It start with a Brief description of modules in SAP-HR. The second part will cover the Concept of Infotypes.

Then the Infotype Structures will be explained and how to create infotype or how to enhance HR infotype. A short introduction to the HR Macros.

Use of Provide statement Cluster reading for Payroll results. Finally you will find some examples of PA letters infotype (Customer defined) SAP


HR350 Programming in HR

This is the official courses Support HR350.

The objective of the HR350 Programming in HR courses is to start program custom HR report using the logical Databases for SAP HR and the second goal is to learn how to create customer-specific infotypes.

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Other HR development Ressource

If you check this SCN Post, you will find more interesting link to learn more about HR development in SAP (HR programming).