Full ABAP Program How to Delete Customer Address in SAP

This sample code will delete a customer address following :Delete Customer Address in SAP.
It uses the standard function ADDR_DELETE.
ADDR_MEMORY_SAVE and ADDR_MEMORY_CLEAR are called at the end to commit modification and clean the address buffer.

Alternative Delete Address

The same program can be easily modified to update. The only thing to modify is the Reference to Address

The complete list fo Reference can be found in the table
TSADRV: Where-used list addresses: Object types, DDIC information.

here few examples of Reference can be used:

Description Application Table Name Application Table Field Name
Create/Update/Delete Vendor Address LFA1 ADRNR
Create/Update/Delete Customer Address KNA1 ADRNR
Create/Update/Delete Contact Person Address KNVK ADRND

Delete Customer Address Sample ABAP Code

Here the full ABAP source code how to delete Customer Address in SAP :

For more about How SAP handles Address check this help.sap link.

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