SAP PA Tcodes – SAP PA Personnel Administration Transaction Codes

Here the list of the most important SAP PA Transaction Codes ( Personal Administration SAP PA Tcodes) in SAP HCM (PA-PA sub-module) . 

SAP PA Tcodes for Master Data, Time Management, Time sheet and Organizational Management are detailed.

SAP PA Tcodes for Master Data

The most important SAP PA Tcodes for Master Data are:

TcodeSAP PA Tcodes for Master Data
PA10  Personnel file
PA20  Display HR Master Data
PA30  Maintain HR Master Data
PA40  Personnel Action
PA41  Change Hiring Data
PA42  Fast Data Entry for Events
PRMD  Maintain HR Master Data
PRMF  Travel Expenses : Feature TRVFD
PRML  Set Country Grouping via Popup
PRMM  Personnel Events
PRMO  Travel Expenses : Feature TRVCO
PRMP  Travel Expenses : Feature TRVPA
PRMS  Display HR Master Data
PRMT  Update Match code
PS03  Info type Overview
PS04  Individual Maintenance of Info types

SAP PA tcodes for Time Management

Here the list of relevant SAP transaction code for Personal Administration related to Time Management:

Tcode SAP PA tcodes for Time Management
PA51  Display Time Data
PA53  Display Time Data
PA61  Maintain Time Data
PA62  List Entry of Additional Data
PA63  Maintain Time Data
PA64  Calendar Entry
PA70  Fast Data Entry
PA71  Fast Entry of Time Data
PBAB  Maintain Vacancy  assignments
PT01  Create Work Schedule
PT02  Change Work Schedule
PT03  Display Work Schedule
PT40  PDC Error Transaction
PT80  Subsystem Connection
PT60  Time Evaluation
PT66  Display Time Evaluation Results (Cluster B2)
PT_CLSTB2  Display Time Evaluation Results (Cluster B2) (really important in PT).
PT_CLSTB1  Display Temporary Time Evaluation Results (Cluster B1)
PT_CLSTL1  Display Individual Incentive Wages (Cluster L1)
PT_BAL00  Cumulated Time Evaluation Results (Time Balances/Wage Types)
PT_ERL00  Time Evaluation Messages: Analysis
PT_QTA10  Display Absence Quota Information
PT_QTA00  Generate Absence Quotas
PC00_M05_LWPAAbsence Overview
PC00_M08_OVERVIEW  Absence data overview

SAP PA Tcodes for Time Sheet 

The main SAP Time sheet Tcodes in SAP PA are:

Tcode SAP PA Tcodes for Time Sheet 
CATS_DA  Display Working Times
CAT2  Time Sheet: Maintain Times
CAT3  Time Sheet: Display Times
CATS_APPR_LITE  Approve Working Times
CAT6  Transfer External > Time Management

SAP PA tcodes for Payroll

The main SAP PA tcodes for Payroll are:

Tcode SAP PA tcodes for Payroll
PA03  Payroll Control Record
PU01  Delete Current Payroll Result
PU03  Change Payroll Status
PC_PAYRESULT  Display Payroll Results
PC00  Run Payroll
PC10  Payroll menu USA
PE00  Starts Transactions PE01 PE02 PE03
PE01  Schemas
PE02  Calculation Rules
PE03  Features
PE04  Create functions and Operations
PE51  HR form editor
PRCA  Payroll Calendar
PRCT  Current Settings
PRCU  Printing checks USA
PRD1  Create DME
SM31  Maintain Table
SM12  Locked Secessions
TSTC  Table Look up
SE16  Data Browser (Table Reports)
PP03  PD Tables
PPOME  Change Org Unit
PO13  Maintain Positions
PO03  Maintain Jobs

SAP PA Tcodes for Organizational Management

The main SAP PA Tcodes for Organizational Management are:

Tcode SAP PA Tcodes for Organizational Management
PPOM  Change org Unit
PO03  Maintain Jobs
P013  Maintain Position
PO10  Maintain Organizational Unit
PP01  Maintain Plan Data (menu-guided)
PP02  Maintain Plan Data (Open)
PP03  Maintain Plan Data (Event-guided)
PP05  Number Ranges
PP06  Number Ranges Maintenance HR Data
PP07  Tasks/Descriptions
PP69  Choose Text for Organizational Unit
PP90  Setup Organization
PP01  Change Cost Center Assignment
PP02  Display Cost Center Assignment
PP03  Change Reporting Structure
PP04  Display Reporting Structure
PP05  Change Object indicators (O/S)
PP06  Change Object indicators OS
PPOA  Display Menu Interface (with dyn.)
PPOC  Create Organizational Unit
PPOM  Maintain Organizational Plan
PPOS  Display Organizational Plan
PQ01  Events for Work Center
PQ02  Events for Training Program
PQ03  Events for Job
PQ04  Events for Business Event Type
PQ06  Local Events
PQ07  Resource Events
PQ08  Events for External Person
PQ09  Events for Business Event Group
PQ10  Events for Organizational Unit
PQ11  Events for Qualification
PQ12  Resource Type Events
PQ13  Events for Position
PQ14  Events for Task
PQ15  Events for Company
PSO5  PD : Administration Tool
PSOA  Work Center Reporting
PSOC  Job Reporting
PSOG  Org Mgmt General Reporting
PSO1  Tools Integration PA-PD
PSOO  Organizational Unit Reporting
PSOS  Position Reporting
PSOT  Task Reporting
PPIS     Human Resources Information System

SAP PA Tcodes

Find the list of the most used Transaction codes for PA-PA ( Personal Administration )

P1OATransaction for Transfer Settings for Opt.Archiving
P3PRTransaction for 3PR Reconciliation Workbench
PA00Initial PA Master Data Menu
PA04Transaction for Maintain PA Number Ranges
PA10Transaction for Personnel File
PA20Transaction for Display HR Master Data
PA30Maintain HR Master Data : Maintenance T500C
PA40Transaction for Personnel Actions Authorization main switch
PA41Change Entry/Leaving Date
PA42Fast Entry for Actions
PA48Hiring from External System
PA70Fast Entry
PAAHTransaction for Call Ad-Hoc Query
PAL1Transaction for Create Sales Representative
PAL2Display Sales Representative
PAL3Transaction for Maintain Sales Representative
PAL4Create Buyer
PAL5Maintain Buyer
PAL6Display Buyer
PAR1Flexible Employee Data
PAR2Employee List
PAT1Personnel Administration Info System
PAW1Who is who call SM30 subobjects individually

Others SAP HR Tcodes

Others than SAP PA Tcdoes, here a list of some main (none PA) SAP PA transaction codes to consider also:

HR00HR Report Selection
HROBJCustomizing HR
HROMTcodes for Organizational Management reports
O037HR Customizing User Parameters
OE00HR Customizing
OG00Tcodes for Personnel Administration Customizing
OG01Personnel Administration Customizing Features
OG30Transaction for HR
OG42Tcodes for Customizing Tool for PA42
OH00Transaction for Access Subset View
OOACTransaction for HR
OOFFTcodes for Passport photo
OOIFTransaction for HR
PC00_M99_U510Transaction for Pay scale increase International
PE03Tcodes for HR
PM01Enhance Infotypes
PM03Maintain Number Range Features
PU00Tcodes for Delete Personnel Data
PU03Transaction for Change Payroll Status
PU22Transaction for HR Archiving
PU23Tcodes for SARA Parameters Set For PA_CALC
PU24SARA Parameters Set For PA_TIME
PU25SARA Parameters Set For PA_TRAVEL
PUIT_UITcodes for Test for ITF Conversion Classes
PULTTransport HR Tables for Logistics

You may want to check List of Important SAP PA Tables (Personal Administration)

SAP Transaction Codes for IMG in HR

For Customizing Transaction code in HCM, you may consider the following list

Here an alternative to nagivate through SPRO menu

S_AHR_61011427Transaction for IMG Activity Switch for IBAN Functionality
S_AHR_61011436Transaction for IMG Activity
S_AHR_61011488Tcodes for IMG Activity
S_PH0_48000106Transaction for Complete Deletion of Pers. Numbers
S_PH0_48000108Transaction for Activate Features
S_PH0_48000450Tcodes for Date Monitoring OHIX0068
S_PH0_48000510Transaction for Ad Hoc Query OHIX0026
S_PH9_46000156Transaction for Bankverbindungen OHIX0008

You can download a PDF version of this table here or check the full list of SAP PA Tcodes here.