Discover How SAP Currency is managed and stored in SAP

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SAP Currency will regroups the important topics needs to know about Currency in SAP. It covers SAP Currency Tcodes, Currency Tables, how to check and convert Currency and other miscallenous topics about SAP currency.

SAP Currency Tables

  • TCURC Currency Codes
  • TCURE Expiring Currencies
  • TCURF Conversion Factors
  • TCURN Quotations
  • TCURO Object Type for Expiring Currencies
  • TCUROT Text Table for Objects for Expiring Curren
  • TCURP Direct/Indirect Quotation Prefixes for Exc
  • TCURR Exchange Rates
  • TCURS Rate Spreads
  • TCURT Currency Code Names
  • TCURU Superuser for Expiring Currencies
  • TCURV Exchange rate types for currency translati
  • TCURW Usage of Exchange Rate Types
  • TCURWKDAT Last Maintenance of a Worklist
  • TCURWKRTS Exch.rate maint: Assign exch. rates to wor
  • TCURWKSET Exch.rate maint: Work list
  • TCURX Decimal Places in Currencies
  • TCURY Warning Period for Expiring Currencies
  • TCURY1 Reasons for Expiring Currencies
  • TCURY1T Texts for Expiry Reasons

For more about Currency Conversion Rate, check the IMG Path
Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> Accounts Payable -> Environment -> Current Settings -> Enter Exchange Rates

SAP Currency Tcodes

  • Check Currency Codes – OBY3
  • Set Decimal Places for Currencies – OBY4
  • Check Exchange Rate Types – OB07
  • Enter Exchange Rates – OB08
  • Define Translation Ratios for Currency Translation – OBBS
  • Define Additional Local Currencies – OB22
  • Define Accounts for Exchange Rate Differences – OB09
  • Make necessary settings in Transaction code: OBYA

In order to Maintain the Currency Transaction in SAP,
SPRO> SAP NetWeaver > General Settings > Currencies> Check Currency Codes (OY03)

Check Currency in SAP

Function?module?about?PO?currency?determination, and currency check program.


Program : LBBP_PDF2U

Program : LBBP_PDF01

Convert Amount into Foreign Currency

In order to convert any amount into Foreign Currency in SAP you can use the standard

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In the following source, you will discover

  • How the Currency is determined from when the PO is created
    • Check the BAdI implementation which may affect the transfer of the PO currency and value:
      Extended Classic Scenario: BADI BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI
  • Currency Decimal Issues

source 1:?Currency Related Issues and Debug Tips
source 2:?Overview of important tables used for currency translation