SAP FI Tcodes & SAP CO Transaction Codes (Finance and Controlling Tcodes in SAP)

SAP FI Tcodes: Document Posting and Other Transactions

Posting Documents in General Ledger Accounting: If the balance of debits and credits in a document is zero, you can post the document. When you post the document, the system saves it and updates the G/L account balances. (source)

SAP Document Posting Tcodes

The most important SAP Document Posting Tcodes are:

F-02G/L Document Posting
F-07Post Outgoing Payment for G/L Accounts
FB50G/L Account Posting : Enjoy Transaction
FBR2Posting a Document with reference to another Document
FB03Display Document
FB02Change Document
FS10NDisplay G/L Account Balances
FBL3NDisplay G/L Account Balances for Open Item Managed A/cs

Activation of Line Item Display

FS00Flag “Line Item Display” Checkbox in G/L Account
FS00Block GL Account
SE38Run Program “RFSEPA01” for activation of Line Items
FS00Unblock GL Account

Other Document Posting Transaction Codes

EC01Copy Company Code Settings from one Company Code to another
OBH1Copy Number Ranges from one Company Code to another
OBH2Copy Number Ranges from one Fiscal Year to another
FS04To see the changes in the G/L Account Master
OB41Define Posting Keys
OB56Define Line Item Text Templates
OY01Define Countries : Define Group Currency
OB22Define Additional Local Currencies for Company Code
FKMTDefine Account Assignment Model
O7E6Define Fast Entry Screens
FB00Accounting Editing Options
OBR1Reset Transaction Data : Delete Transaction Data in a Company Code
OBR2Deleting Master Data : Customers/ Vendors & G/L Accounts
OBY9Transport Chart of Accounts
OBY2Copy G/L Accounts from One Company Code to another
OBY7Copy Chart of Accounts and Account Determinations
OBY8Delete Chart of Accounts
GGB0Maintain Validation
OB28Activate Validation
GGB1Maintain Substitution
OBBHActivate Substitution
FBU3Display Intercompany Document
OBYADefine Clearing Accounts for Intercompany Transactions

Other Transactions – SAP Technical FI Tcodes

SE01/SE09/ SE10To View Transport Request
SM35To Post Batch Input Session
SM30Table Maintenance View Screen
SP01To View Spool Requests
SM37To View Background Jobs
SE11ABAP Data Dictionary
SE16ABAP Data Browser
SE38ABAP Editor
SQVISAP Quick Viewer

SAP Document Parking Tcodes

F-65Creation of Parked Document
SO00Send System Message
FBV0Display Parked Documents

SAP Tcodes for Hold Documents

Holding Documents :

When you are entering data, you may be interrupted, or you may not have all the data you need for entering a document, for example bank charges or the appropriate cost center.

In this case, you can temporarily save the data you have entered, and then continue with the document entry at a later time.

If you want the system to hold a document, it does not have to be complete.

Account balances are not updated and the document data is not available for evaluation. A document number is not assigned. (source)

SE38Run Program “RFTMPBLU” for conversion of Held Documents
F-02Creation of Hold Document: From the Menu DocumentHold
FB11Display Held Documents

Sample Documents in FI Tcodes

FBN1Creation of Number Range “X2” for Sample Documents
F-01Creation of Sample Document
FBM3Display Sample Documents
FBR2Posting of a Document with reference to Sample Document (or) F-02

Read more on Sample Document Posting in SAP FI (Posting with Sample Documents)

SAP Accrual/Deferral Documents Tcodes

Accrual/Deferral Document Posting in SAP FI: The Accounting area includes accrual/deferral functions that you can use to assign incoming and outgoings to the period in which they arose.

You use the accrual/deferral function to calculate the expenses (outgoings) and revenues (incoming) for a period on a certain key date/period-end closing (for example, at the end of a fiscal year) (source)

FBS1Creation of Accrual/Deferral Document
F.81Reversal of Accrual/Deferral Document

SAP Tcodes for Recurring Documents

Recurring Entries in SAP FI: Periodically recurring entries posted by the recurring entries program based on recurring entry documents.

This process is comparable to the standing order you give to your bank to deduct your rent, premium payments, or loan repayments.(source)

FBN1Creation of Number Range “X1” for Recurring Documents
FBD1Creation of Recurring Document
F.15Display of Recurring Document
F.14Posting of Transactions by using Recurring Document templates by way of Batch Input Session
FBD2Change Recurring Document
OB32Define Document Change Rules

Reversals Transaction Codes in SAP

The SAP FI Reversals Transaction Codes in SAP are:

FB08Individual Reversal
F.80Mass Reversal
FBR2Reversal of a Reversed Document
FBRAReversal of a Cleared Item
F.81Accrual/Deferral Reversal

Interest Calculations: Account Balance Interest Calculation

OB46Define Interest Calculation Types
OBAAPrepare Account Balance Interest Calculation
OBACDefine Reference Interest Rates
OB81Define Time Dependent Terms
OB83Enter Interest Rates
FS00Creation of G/L Account
OBV2Assignment of Accounts for Automatic Posting
F-02Posting of Term Loan
F-02Repayment of Term Loan
F.52Interest Calculations

Foreign Currencies Balances Revaluation

OB59Define Valuation Methods
FS00Creation of G/L Accounts
OBA1Prepare Automatic Postings
F-02Term Loan Receipt in Foreign Currency
OB08Enter Exchange Rates
F.05Foreign Currency Balances Revaluation (Forex Run)

SAP Tcodes for Tax on Sales/Purchases

OBQ3Define Tax Procedures
OBBGAssign Country to Calculation Procedures
FTXPDefine Tax Codes
OBCLAssign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions
FS00Creation of “VAT Pool A/c” G/L Account
OB40Define Tax Accounts
FS00Assign Tax Codes in G/L Accounts
F-22Posting of Sale or Purchase Invoice to Check Input and Output Taxes
F-43Posting of Sale or Purchase Invoice to Check Input and Output Taxes