SAP GUI for HTML: Menu and Toolbar Parameters

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SAP GUI for HTML: Menu and Toolbar Parameters. First we will detail the Toolbar Parameter with the different value.

Then we will list the main SAP GUI for HTML Parameters you may want to consider when dealing with HTML version of SAP GUI.

SAP GUI for HTML ToolBar

To control the display of the page header with a fine granularity, you must set the following values for the ~webgui_simple_toolbar parameter. The value is a combination of different binary flags.

~webgui_simple_toolbar set to n with n from:

  • 0: Hiding the page header completely (not recommended)
  • 1: Standard setting

ToolBar parameter Values List

This is the recommended standard setting in which the title and the menu bar below it with the [Exit] and [Help] button and the application buttons are displayed. The display of the information block is also deactivated in the status bar.

  • 2: Displaying the title line
  • 4: Displaying the buttons [Exit] and [Help]
  • 8: Displaying the active system buttons on the screen (for example, [Back] and [Cancel])*
  • 16: Displaying the system menu
  • 32: Displaying the application buttons
  • 64: Displaying the main menu button
  • 128: Deactivating the information block in the status bar
  • 256: Deactivating the status bar
  • 512: The help menu is hidden (SAP Note 2091249).
  • 1024 : The system menu is hidden (SAP Note 2091249).
  • 2048 : The command field is hidden (SAP Note 2091249).
  • 4096 : Field help is deactivated (SAP Note 2100820).


Other SAP GUI for HTML parameters


Often in a service driven environment the user is allowed only to call and work in particular services or transactions, e.g. in a service running inside a Portal’s iview.

With the user navigating from the current transaction of program the service is supposed to be closed.

Of course the user must be able to follow program execution paths that are defined by the particular application called by the service. (source:


It can control the display of (source:

  • The title bar
  • additional buttons “Cancel” and “Help”
  • the system menu
  • the tools button
  • Application button bar
  • and finally the information tab in the status bar (new)


The parameter value controls the display of the buttons in the toolbar (the menu bar and the button bar above the user area) of the SAP GUI for
HTML as follows:

  • ~webgui_icon_toolbar = 1: Application buttons are displayed as buttons with icons.
  • Parameter ~webgui_icon_toolbar = 2: Application and system buttons (scroll, print, and so on) are displayed as buttons with icons.
  • ~webgui_icon_toolbar = 1 or 2, as well as parameter
  • ~webgui_simple_toolbar, set in addition: Application and system buttons are displayed as buttons with icons if these were
    configured by ~webgui_simple_toolbar for the view

Source: Note 1010519, “SAP GUI for HTML: Simplified title area w/o menu and OKCode”