Merchandise Categories in SAP : Tables, Tcodes and Quick Tips

SAP Merchandise Categories

This article covers many side of the technical sides of Merchandise Categories.

First we will start with a short Definition of Merchandise Categories in SAP. Then We will list the main tables for merchandising, following by the transaction codes.

Finally, we will introduce quick tips for quick wins with SAP Merchandise Category.

What’s Merchandise Category in SAP ?

Merchandise categories enable the user to classify and structure all aspects of the merchandise in their enterprise. In doing so, each article is assigned to a specific merchandise category. This assignment is valid throughout the enterprise.

Merchandise categories can be assigned to stores and store departments. You can also group merchandise categories into hierarchies. A successfully implemented merchandise category hierarchy is an essential tool for efficient merchandise category management.

The main focus for the management of your merchandise then shifts from individual articles to merchandise groupings. The aim of merchandise category management is the better coordination of various customer considerations at each business location (for example, store), including elements such as variety, price structures and advertising. (source: Merchandise Category)

List of Merchandise Categories in SAP

Here the list of the main Standard Merchandise Categories in SAP

All you need to know about Merchandise Category and Hierarchy, can be found :

SAP Merchandise Categories Tables

The main table for Merchandise Category is T023.
Check also the following structures used in SAP MC:

  • T023D
  • WWGD

“All the elements in the merchandise category hierarchy are defined as classes, or to be more specific, as objects of SAP-internal class type 026.
KLAH is the table for node level assignment. Use KSSK table as well. The link between KSSK and KLAH is on internal class no.”

SAP Merchandise Category & Hierarchy Tcodes

SAP MC Tcodes

The main Transaction Code for Merchandise Category in SAP are:

  • WG21 – create MC
  • WG22 – change MC
  • WG23 – delete MC
  • WG24 – display MC

SAP MC Hierarchy Tcodes

For maintenance of MC hierarchies, the following transactions are available:

  • CLWM – create hierarchy level
  • CLWN – change hierarchy level
  • CLWP – delete hierarchy level
  • CLWO – display hierarchy level
  • CLW1 – maintain hierarchy assignment
  • CLW2 – display hierarchy assignment
  • CL6C – graphical hierarchy display
  • WGUS – use of material groups

Merchandise Category & Hierarchy Quick Tips

How To retrieve Merchandise Category’s Hierarchies of an Article

“Retrieving MCH level is to be done with the following logic:

  • First take the Merchandise category of an Article from MARA table from field MARA-MAKTL.
  • Pass this merchandise category to a function MERCHANDISE_GROUP_HIER_ART_SEL.

This function will return the MCH levels.”

An Alternative way is to use Tables

“If you wish to scale the Hierarchy via tables you will need to do this via the classification structure. SAP Retail uses the class type 026 for the different Hierarchy Levels.

Therefore, starting at the highest level in WGUS use table KLAH and enter the hierarchy number/name in the CLASS field and retrieve the CLINT field value you can then pass this CLINT value to table KSSK and retrieve the assignments.

Your objective is to get the OBJEK entries and pass these values back to the KLAH table field CLINT to retrieve the CLASS field so you can see the number/name value that are displayed in transaction WGUS.”

Source: Table that links article and merchandise category with hierarchies

Create Merchandise Category Hierarchy

“This page is particularly helpful for technical consultants working for SAP-retail and want to create / assign Merchandise category Hierarchy for the characteristic as we see in transaction WRFCHVALGRP.

Even if the function module to be used for this is not yet released by SAP but as of now, it could find only this way to create Merchandise Category using Function Module.”

Find more detail on

Article Master Data of ERP Retail – Deep Dive into Some Secrets – PDF

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