SAP Pricing Condition Tables & Pricing Condition Tcodes in SAP

A condition type is a representation in the system of some aspect of your daily pricing activities.

For example, you can define a different condition type for each kind of price, discount or surcharge that occurs in your business transactions.

You find following the list of main SAP Pricing Condition Tables and Transaction Codes.

Main SAP Pricing Condition Tables

The most important SAP Pricing Condition Tables for SAP Sales Order are:

SAP Tables Description
KONVConditions for Transaction Data
KONPConditions for Items
KONDConditions (Data)
KONHConditions (Header)

Full list of SAP Pricing Condition Tables

If you are looking for more tables for Pricing Condition in SAP check the following list:

SAP Tables Description
KONAINDIndex: Groups of Conditions/Header Record Conditions
KOND Conditions (Data)
KOND3 Conditions: Campaign Determination – Data Part
KONDD Material Substitution – Data Division
KONDDP Conditions: Additional Materials for Material Determination
KONDH Conditions: Batch Strategy – Data Division
KONDIND General Document Index for Conditions
KONDI Conditions: Data part for certificates
KONDN Conditions: Free goods – Data section
KONDNS Free goods determination – scales – Conditions
KONDP Conditions: Packing Object Data Section
KONDR Conditions: Derivation strategy – data part
KONDRPR Derivation strategy – recipient item data- Conditions
KONDRPS Conditions: Derivation strategy – sender item data
KONDV Conditions: Data part for certificates
KONH Header of Conditions
KONM Conditions (1-Dimensional Quantity Scale)
KONP Conditions (Item)
KONV Transacion Data for Conditions
KONW Conditions (1-Dimensional Value Scale)
KOTN900 LSI Free Goods Condition Table


Conditions Types T685T Table

The standard Table T685T contains all the Condition Types for Pricing.

The fields of T685T Condition Types Tables are:

T685T Fields Description
SPRAS Language Key
KVEWE Usage of the condition table
KAPPL Application
KSCHL Condition Type

The most common Conditions Types are:

Condition Types Description
A001 Rebates
FRA1 Freight %
HB00 Header Surch.(Value)
HB01 Header Disc.(Value)
K000 Contrct HeaderDisc %
MM00 Minimum Qty (Amount)
MM01 Minimum Qty (%)
MP01 Market Price
MWST Input Tax
P000 Gross Price
R000 Discount % on Gross
PA00 Promotion Price
P001 Gross Price
PRS Total Price

More SAP Conditions Tables

The customizing Tables for Conditions are

SAP Tcodes Description
T680MCondition: Tree Control: Features
T680MTCondition: Tree Control: Features: Texts?
T680NCondition: Tree Control: Nodes
T680NFCondition: Tree Control: Nodes: Fields
T680VCondition: Tree Control: Variants
T680VLCondition: Tree Control: Tree Variants
T680VTCondition: Tree Control: Variants: Texts
T680VUCondition: Tree Control: User-dependent Variants
T681Conditions: Structures
T681AConditions: Applications
T681BConditions: Applications: Texts
T681COMPCond.: Fig. (KVEWE & KAPPL) –> DF14L (Component Hierarchy)
T681DCondition: Tables used per Application
T681EConditions: Fast-Entry Fields
T681FConditions: Allowed Fields Per Usage and Application
T681HConditions: Usage/Application with Client
T681OPermitted Document Categories for the Index to Conditions
T681OTObject Category Texts for Index to Conditions
T681SConditions: Fast Entry Types
T681TConditions: Fast Entry: Texts
T681UParameters for creating pricing reports
T681VConditions: Usages
T681WConditions: Usage: Texts
T681XCondition tables for lists
T681YConditions: List Variants
T681YFPricing Report: Fields Used
T681YTPricing Report: Texts
T681Y_BMENCondition Maintenance to Area Menu
T681ZConditions: Dependent Data for Application/Usage
T682Conditions: Access Sequences
T682IConditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form)
T682IAConditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form)
T682TConditions: Access Sequences: Texts
T682VConditions: Condition Type/Access (Execute Header Check)
T682VAConditions: Condition Type/Access (Execute Header Check)
T682ZConditions: Access Sequences (Fields)
T682ZAConditions: Access Sequences (Fields)
T682Z_DT682Z with Dynamic Part
T682Z_NOBLIConditions: Access Sequences (Fields) – Mandatory Yes/No
T683Pricing procedures
T683CBatch Search Procedure: Determination in Sales Docs
T683SPricing Procedure: Data
T683TPricing Procedures: Texts
T683UConditions: Procedure (Text)
T683VPricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Docs.
T683V_CMPCampaign Determination Procedure: Sales Doc. Determination
T684Condition Exclusion Groups
T684GCondition Exclusion Groups: Condition Types
T684SCondition Exclusion: Procedure Assignment
T684TCondition exclusion: Texts
T685Conditions: Types
T685AConditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data
T685BCondition Types: Additional Data for Sending Output
T685HConditions: Batches => Default Values
T685MPortfolio Processing: Portfolio Types
T685NConditions: Types & Additional Data for Free-Goods Discount
T685PWFMC: Valid printing parameters of an application
T685RConditions: Derivation => default values
T685SCondition Types: Scales for Conditions
T685S_KEYKey Fields for Table T685S
T685TConditions: Types: Texts
T685WDRM Relevancy for Rules Condition Types
T685ZCondition Types: Lower/Higher Limits for Pricing Elements
T686AConditions: Exclusion Indicator
T686BConditions: Exclusion Indicator: Texts
T686CContact Person: Responsibilities in Sales and Distribution
T686DContact Person: Responsibilities in SD: Texts
T686EConditions: Processing Status
T686FConditions: Processing Status: Texts
T687Account Determination: Account Key
T687TAccount Determination: Account Key Texts
T688Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Tables
T688KCondition: Copying Rules for Condition Types
T688TCondition: Copying Rules for Condition Tables
T689Download Profile for the Conditions
T689KReference: Download Profile – Pricing Procedures
T689TText Table for T689

SAP Pricing Condition Tcodes

Let’s start first by the most important transaction code for Sales Order Pricing Condition in SAP SD ( Sales and Distribution ).
Here the 3 tcodes to consider first:

SAP Tcodes Description
VK13 Display

If you want to go further and know the SAP transaction codes for SAP Pricing Condition for Sales Order,  here the list:

Full list of Pricing Condition Related Tcodes

If you are looking for an other transaction for Condition for Sales Order, you may to check the following list.
This list contains all VK* Transactions related to Pricing Condition for Sales ORder.

SAP Tcodes Description
VK+CCondition master data check
VK01Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem.
VK03Create Condition Table
VK04Change Condition Table
VK05Display Condition Table
VK11Create Condition
VK12Change Condition
VK13Display Condition
VK14Create Condition with Reference
VK15Create Condition
VK16Create Condition with Reference
VK17Change condition
VK18Display condition
VK19Change Condition Without Menu
VK20Display Condition Without Menu
VK30Maintain Variant Conditions
VK31Create SAP Condition Maintenance
VK32 Change SAP Condition Maintenance
VK33Display Condition Maintenance:
VK34Condition Maint.: Create with Refer.
VKA1Archiving conditions
VKA2Deleting conditions
VKA3Reloading conditions
VKA4Archiving agreements
VKA5Deleting agreements
VKA6Reloading agreements
VKARRead Archive File
VKAWGenerate Archive File
VKC1Create General Strategy
VKC2Change General Strategy
VKC3Display General Strategy
VKDVNumber range maintenance: RV_SNKOM
VKM1Blocked SD Documents
VKM2Released SD Documents
VKM3Sales Documents
VKM4SD Documents
VKOAAccnt Determination
VKP1Sales price calculation
VKP2Display POS Conditions
VKP3Pricing document for material
VKP4Pricing document for org. Structure
VKP5Create Calculation
VKP6Change pricing document
VKP7Display pricing document
VKP8Display Price Calculation
VKP9Currency conversion in price calc.
VKPBSales price calc. in background run
VKPRRead archive file
VKTTTest Partners DI/RFC
VKU1Report: Reval at Rtl for Rtl Pr.Chng
VKU10Correction of Valuation at Retail
VKU11Delete Count Document Items
VKU2Total Revaluation at Retail
VKU3Partial Revaluation at Retail
VKU4Rtl Revaluation Docs for Material
VKU5Display Retail Revaluation Document
VKU6Report: List Crtn for Rtl Pr. Change
VKU7Report: Total Reval. for Rtl Pr. Chn
VKU8Test Transaction BAPI Count List
VKU9Rtl Reval. Correction: List Display
VKVFConditions: Dialog Box for CondElem.
VKVGMaintain Condition Elements
VKVIGeneral View Maintenance – W.Qualif.
VKXXCreate Test for RKA
VKYYChange Test for RKA
VKZZTest for RKS-Surcharge Conditions

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