Important SAP Profit Center Table in SAP CO (EC-PCA)

SAP Profit Center Table

SAP Profit Center Table in SAP CO (Controlling) will list the main SAP tables for Profit Center Data and Customizing in SAP CO.

First we will start with some short Definition for Profit Center, then we will list SAP Profit Center Tables for Data and Customizing.

SAP Profit Center Definitions

Before listing the Main Tables for Profit Center in SAP, let’s introduce some definition about the Profit Center and the Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA).

Definition of Profit Center in SAP CO

Let’s start by a short definition of SAP Profit center in SAP COntrolling.

“A profit center is an organizational unit in accounting that reflects a management-oriented structure of the organization for the purpose of internal control.

You can analyze operating results for profit centers using either the cost-of-sales or the period accounting approach.

y calculating the fixed capital as well, you can use your profit centers as investment centers.” (source)

Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA) Definition

“Profit Center Accounting?(EC-PCA) lets you determine profits and losses by profit center using either period accounting or the cost of sales approach.

It also lets you analyze fixed capital and so called statistical key figures (number of employees, square meters, and so on) by profit center.

Consequently, you can calculate all key figures commonly used in cost accounting (return on investment, cash flow, sales per employee, and so on).” (source)

SAP Profit Center Table Data

The most important Tables for SAP Profit Center Accounting (in SAP CO) are:

TableSAP Profit Center TablesTable Keys
CEPCProfit Center Master Data TablePRCTR / DATBI / KOKRS
CEPCTTexts for Profit Center Master DataSPRAS / PRCTR / DATBI
CEPC_BUKRSAssignment of Profit Center to a Company CodeKOKRS / PRCTR / BUKRS
GLPCCEC-PCA: Transaction AttributesOBJNR
GLPCOEC-PCA: Object Table for AccountOBJNR

SAP Profit Center Master Data Table

Let’s focus on the Profit Center Master Data Table in SAP : CEPC.
Here the main fields for SAP Profit center Master Data CEPC.

  • PRCTR – Profit Center
  • DATBI – Valid To Date
  • KOKRS -Controlling Area
  • DATAB – Valid-From Date
  • ERSDA -Created on
  • USNAM -Entered by
  • MERKMAL- Field name of CO-PA characteristic
  • ABTEI -Department
  • VERAK -Person Responsible for Profit Center
  • VERAK_USER -User Responsible for the Profit Center
  • WAERS -Currency Key
  • NPRCTR -Successor profit center
  • LAND1 -Country Key
  • ANRED -Title
  • NAME1 -Name 1
  • DRNAM -Printer name for profit center
  • KHINR -Profit center area
  • BUKRS -Company Code
  • VNAME -Joint Venture
  • RECID -Recovery Indicator
  • ETYPE -Equity Type
  • TXJCD -Tax Jurisdiction
  • REGIO -Region (State, Province, County)
  • KVEWE -Usage of the condition table
  • KAPPL -Application
  • KALSM -Procedure (Pricing, Output Control, Acct. Det., Costing,…)
  • LOGSYSTEM -Logical System
  • LOCK_IND -Lock indicator
  • PCA_TEMPLATE -Template for Formula Planning in Profit Centers
  • SEGMENT– Segment for Segmental Reporting

Other than the above fields of SAP Profit Center Master Data Table, you can find the Address fields (street, phone … ) for the Profit Center.

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Customizing SAP Profit Center Tables

The most important Tables for Profit Center Customizing in SAP CO are:

TableSAP Profit Center Table
A141Profit Center Table Dependent on Material and Receive profit center
A142Dependent on Material Customizing Table
A143SAP Profit Center Table Dependent on Material Group

SAP PCA : Going Further

If you want to learn more about Profit Center Accounting in SAP, I recommend the following books: