SAP SPOOL Tcodes, Tables and Quick Tips

This post is a quick SAP Spool overvienw. The you will find the main SAP Spool Tcodes and the important SAP Tables stroring the SAP Spool Request.

What is a spool request ?

Let’s start with definition of SAP Spool and the difference between Spool request in SAP and Output Request.
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The SAP System differentiates between two types of request when printing:

SAP system has two kind of

  • Spool request: A spool request is a document for which a print function has been selected. However, it has not yet been output to a printer or another device. The output data for the print document is stored partly formatted in a data store until an output request is created, that is, until it is sent to a particular output device.
    The spool system uses a spool request to store the print data temporarily and to access it. The data is stored in a temporary format. You can also display the print document.
    The system automatically assigns a 10-digit ID number to a spool request.
  • Output request: From the point of view of the SAP spool system, an output request outputs the print data of a spool request to a particular output device.
    Multiple output requests may exist for a single spool request. Each represents an instance of the output of the same spool request. Each of these output requests may have different attributes, such as the target printer or number of copies.

    By differentiating between spool request and output requests, the spool system provides a means of storing the data temporarily.

Here an example of Spool Request in a SAP System ( source for the screenshot)

 Selecting and Displaying Spool and Output Requests

SAP Spool Tcodes

The most important Tcodes for SAP Spool Tcodes are SP*.
Here the list of SAP Spool transactions codes:

SAP Spool TcodesDescription
SPAD Spool Management
SP00 Spool and Relate Area
SP01 Spool Control
SP02 Display output Requests
SP03 Spool: Load Formats
SPCC Spool Consistency check
SPIC Spool : Installation Check Tables
SP11TemSe Contents
SP12 TemSe Administration

Mainly, you should use the SP02 to displaty Spool for output Request. SP02 is the main SAP Spool Tcodes.

SAP Spool Tables

Once you got the list of Spool tcodes in SAP, you may be interested of when Spool data are stored and handled by SAP .
Mainly, the SAP Spool are stored in SAP tables TSP*.

The list of most important SAP Spool Tables are:

SAP Spool Tables Description
S004 SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution Channel Logistics
S005 SIS: Shipping Point/Route/Forwarding Agent/Receiving Country Logistics
T022A Spool: Indirect printer selection Basis
T022D Spool: Print control translation Basis
TBTC_SPOOLID Background Processing spool IDs Table Basis
TBTCO Job Status Overview Table Basis
TBTCP Background Job Step Overview Basis
TSP01 Spool Requests Basis
TSP01P Spool: Part Table of a spool Request Basis
TSP02 Spool: Print requests Basis
TSP02A Dynamic Attributes for spool Requests and Output Requests Basis
TSP02L Spool: List parameters for spool and print requests Basis
TSP02T Spool: Output Requests Waiting to Be Activated Basis
TSP03 Spool: Printer declaration Basis
TSP03A Spool: Device description (new format) Basis
TSP03C Spool: Device Description Extension Basis
TSP03D Spool: Device Description (New Format) Basis
TSP03L Spool: Long device names Basis
TSP06 Spool: Sequences for handling paper Basis
TSP06A Spool: Implemented format type of a device type Basis
TSP0B Spool: Mapping Device Types to XDC Description Basis
TSPOPTIONS spool Options Basis
TSPSV Spool: Server table Basis
TSPSVI Spool: Server Information (Updated by spool Work Processes) Basis
TST01 TemSe: List of objects and parts Basis
TST03 TemSe data Basis

SAP Spool Quick tips

let’s jump into a quick tips dealing with SAP Spool.

Clear or Delete SPOOL Request

In order to Clear or Delete a Spool Request in SAP, run the standard report RSPO1041 in SE38.
You can filter by Spool Request Status or date.

An alternative way to clear/delete SAP Spool Request in to launch the SPAD ( SAP Spool Tcodes Administration).
Then navigate to Admin tab and ‘Delete Old Spool Request”. ( you will have lest selection criterias)

Download ABAP spools  as PDF files

In many, you will need to convert the ABAP Spool and convert it into PDF.
Here a link how to do it.

The main steps to download ABAP Spool as PDF file are:

  • Find the spool list ( the easiest way is to check directly the SAP Spool Table TSP01 )
  • Check authority to work with spool
    • use directly the standard function module RSTS_GET_ATTRIBUTES. Make sure you use AUTHORITY = ‘SP01’
  • Check the type of SPool Request
    • if it is OTF, the use standard FM CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF
    • else, you should rather use the FM CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF
  • Download the Spool as PDF
    • In order to download the spool PDF file, use WS_DOWNLOAD or GUI_DOWNLOAD

Send ABAP Spool to SAP users Office Mail Box

No need to detail this solution, just check this link for the full ABAP Sample code.
This ABAP program will immediately send the spool to SAP user after a background run.
After running the background jobs, send the spool to the SAP users Office Mail Box.


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