SAP SRM PunchOut Call-Up Parameters

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The full list of SAP SRM PunchOut Call-Up Parameters explained:
This post will explain the different return or Call-up Parameters from an External Punch Out

PunchOut Call-Up Parameters OCI Naming

Up to SAP Open Catalog Interface, thhe naming convention for the fields in the OCI is as follows:

NEW_ITEM-[]. The field type is always CHAR.

SAP SRM PunchOut Call-Up Parameters

Here the Full list of SAP SRM PunchOut Call-Up Parameters returned when you check out from PunchOut Catalog.

Field-name Length Description
NEW_ITEM-DESCRIPTION[n] 40Description of the item
NEW_ITEM-MATNR[n] 40SRM product number of the item
NEW_ITEM-QUANTITY[n] 15Item quantity (1.)
NEW_ITEM-UNIT[n] 3Quantity unit for item quantity (3.)
NEW_ITEM-PRICE[n] 15Price of an item per price unit (1.)
NEW_ITEM-CURRENCY[n] 5Item currency (3.)
NEW_ITEM-PRICEUNIT[n] 5Price unit of the item (if empty 1 is used)(2.)
NEW_ITEM-LEADTIME[n] 5Delivery time of the item in days (2.)
NEW_ITEM-LONGTEXT_n:132[] ? Long text for the item (4.)
NEW_ITEM-VENDOR[n] 10SRM vendor number (business partner) for the item
NEW_ITEM-VENDORMAT[n] 40Vendor product number for the item
NEW_ITEM-MANUFACTCODE[n] 10SRM manufacturer number of the item
NEW_ITEM-MANUFACTMAT[n] 40Item?s manufacturer part number
NEW_ITEM-MATGROUP[n] 10SRM material group for the item
NEW_ITEM-SERVICE[n] 1 Flag: the item is a service.
NEW_ITEM-CONTRACT[n] 10SRM contract to which the item refers
NEW_ITEM-CONTRACT_ITEM[n] 5Item within the SRM contract
NEW_ITEM-EXT_QUOTE_ID[n] 35Number of an external bid for this item (as reference for a subsequent purchase order)
NEW_ITEM-EXT_QUOTE_ITEM[n] 10Item of external bid
NEW_ITEM-EXT_PRODUCT_ID[n] 40Unique database key for this item in the catalog
NEW_ITEM-ATTACHMENT[n] 255 URL of the attachment (the attachment must be accessible for downloading under this URL)
NEW_ITEMATTACHMENT_TITLE[n] 255Title of the attachment (if this is empty thefile name from the URL above is used)
NEW_ITEMATTACHMENT_PURPOSE[n]1Purpose of the attachment. C corresponds here to configuration.
NEW_ITEMEXT_SCHEMA_TYPE[n]10Name of a schema via which it was imported in the SRM Server
NEW_ITEMEXT_CATEGORY_ID[n]60Unique key for an external category from the schema above independent of the version of the schema
NEW_ITEM-EXT_CATEGORY[n] 40Unique key for an external category from the schema above dependent on the version of the schema
NEW_ITEM-SLD_SYS_NAME[n] 60Name of a system in the System Landscape Directory (SLD)

SAP SRM PunchOut User-Defined Field

The OCI interface has also 5 fields that used to send custom data between the Catalog and the SRM. Note that these fields are on Item’s level.
The list of User-Defined Field

Field-name Length Description
NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD1[n] 10User-defined field
NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD2[n] 10User-defined field
NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD3[n] 10User-defined field
NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD4[n] 20User-defined field
NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD5[n] 50User-defined field

SAP SRM PunchOut Call-Up Parameters Mandatory

The Only Mandatory fields to be filled

  • NEW_ITEM-DESCRIPTION[n] or NEW_ITEM-MATNR[n]?: At least one of these fields must be filled.

Other fields are required depending on conditions:

  • NEW_ITEM-UNIT[n] if NEW_ITEM-MATNR[n] has not been filled
  • NEW_ITEM-CURRENCY[n] if NEW_ITEM-PRICE[n] has been filled
  • NEW_ITEM-EXT_QUOTE_ID[n] if NEW_ITEM-EXT_QUOTE_ITEM[n] has been used
    • NEW_ITEM-CONTRACT[n] if NEW_ITEM-CONTRACT_ITEM[n] has been used

Customer-Specific Extensions in the OCI

If you want to extend the standard fields for the SAP SRM PunchOut Call-Up Parameters, you have 2 alternatives

Use the dedicated field?NEW_ITEM-CUSTFIELD1-5

These fields have no fixed semantics in the OCI and this means that you can transfer any contents in order to then evaluate them in BAdI BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER. In Releases prior to SAP Enterprise Buyer 3.0 it is not possible to transfer these fields directly to the shopping cart item. As of SAP Enterprise Buyer 3.0, it is possible to include these fields (without the prefix NEW_ITEM-) in the customer-specific using the Include CI_BBP_ITEM_SC; the contents are then automatically forwarded to the shopping cart and saved with it.

Use the OCI Customer-specific Include ?CI_OCI_CUSTOMER_EXTENSION

This customer-specific Include is also available as of SAP Enterprise Buyer 3.0; it allows you to extend the OCI generically. All fields that are created in the Include can then be transferred by the catalog as NEW_ITEM-[n]. The fields are also available in the BAdI BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER. If the fields are also to be available in the shopping cart and are to be saved, they must also be created in the Include CI_BBP_ITEM_SC

Find more detail on?SAP Open Catalog Interface (OCI) Specification