How to find the Link Between Shopping Cart and PO in SAP SRM ?

How to find the Link Between Shopping Cart and PO in SAP SRM ? Discover the possible alternative to figure out the Shopping Carte related to PO in SAP SRM. I am presenting in this post 3 ways to get the link between Shopping Cart and PO ( Purchase Order ) in SAP SRM.

Link between Shopping Cart and PO : SAP SRM Tables


The first table to consider is BBP_PDBEI for Backend Specific Item Data. But first you need to get the PO’s item Guid.

The field  BBP_PDBEI-BE_OBJECT_ID ( Follow-On Document Object ID in Back-End System ).

Actually this table contains all the Follow-on document for SAP SRM Objects ( for example; Shopping Cart related to PO, Confirmation of PO …).


You have two easy to get the Guid of the SAP SRM PO item.

  1. the ABAP way, query in SE16 the table CRMD_ORDERADM_I (Business Transaction Item)
    • GUID : gives the Item’s Guid
    • HEADER: gives the header’s Guid ( check CRMD_ORDERADM_H for Header Data )
    • NUMBER_INT: is the item’s number
  2. The second way is the standard SAP SRM Transaction code BBP_PD  for Document Display (EBP)
    • By the OBJECT_ID of the Shopping Cart or PO, you can nagivate to the item lines.

You may check:

Report BBP_BW_2

The Standard SAP Report BBP_BW_2 for Shopping Cart Monitoring gives all lot of information about Shopping Carts.
The output shows the list of

  • Shopping Carts
  • Transmission status of SC
  • Shopping Cart’s Following Document ( in this case, we are interested by the Purchase Order BUS2201).

Use BBP_BW_2 without moderation, it can be helpfull in the most case.

Find Related Shopping Cart for PO Item: BAPI

The last alternative to find Sopping cart Follow-on PO items is to use the standard SAP BAPI BBP_PD_PO_ITEM_GETDETAIL.

I will start by the end, the Shopping Cart guid is retrieved in  E_ITEM-SRC_GUID. 

The Import Parameters for BBP_PD_PO_ITEM_GETDETAIL are:

  • I_GUID: Item Guid <- you need to fill only this field
  • I_ATTACH_WITH_DOC: Attachments incl. Dokument
  • I_HEADER_GUID: GUID of a CRM Order Object

The output contains all the details of PO Items including:

  • E_ITEM  : a structure for full detail of SAP SRM Object Item
  • ET_ATTACH: the list of item’s Attachment
  • E_ACCOUNT : item’s Account list
  • E_PARTNER : item’s Partners list
  • E_CONFIRM: Confirmation
  • E_LONGTEXT: Item’s Long Text
  • E_SDLN: this one is for Scheduling Delivery
  • E_LIMIT : the limit
  • E_ORGDATA : the SAP SRM Organizational Data
  • E_TAX: Taxes
  • E_PRIDOC: Pricing Document
  • E_ICF
  • E_TOL
  • E_MESSAGES : SAP SRM Obejct Message.

To conclure, the easier way to find the related Shopping Cart for Item in PO within SAP SRM ( Supplier RelationShip Management), you have to deal with SAP SRM tables and Guid. The BAPI gives an interesting alternative.

Source: Table making direct link between shopping cart and PO


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