SAP SRM Tables: list of important Table for SRM

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SAP SRM Tables?post lists the?the most?important Tables used in SAP SRM Supplier Relationship Management.
The SAP SRM Tables are classified by Business objects:?Shopping Cart, Purchase Order, Product Category …

SAP SRM Tables for?Transaction

The following SAP SRM Tables stored the main data for Shopping Card, Purchase Order …

SAP SRM Transaction Tables Description
CDCLS Cluster structure for change documents
CDHDR Change document header
CDPOS_STR Additional Change Document – Table for STRINGs
CDPOS_UIDAdditional Table for Inclusion of TABKEY>70 Characters
CRMD_LINKTransaction – Set – Link
CRMD_ORDERADM_HBusiness Transaction
CRMD_ORDERADM_IBusiness Transaction Item
CRM_JCDOChange Documents for Status Object (Table JSTO)
CRM_JCDSChange Documents for System/User Statuses (Table JEST)
CRM_JEST Individual Object Status
CRM_JSTO Status Object Information

SAP SRM Tables for?Product category

The main tables for Product Category in SAP SRM are:

SAP SRM Product category Tables Description
COMM_CATEGORYDELCategories To Be Deleted (Temporary) in Do
COMM_CATEGORYH Category: History
COMM_CATEGORYT Category Description
COMM_CATEGORYTH Category Description: History
COMM_CATEGORYWL Category GUIDs and User for Worklist COMM_


SAP SRM Survey Tables Description
BBP_PDACCAccount Assignment
BBP_PDATTDocument Attachment
BBP_PDBEHBackend Specific Header Data
BBP_PDBEIBackend Specific Item Data
BBP_PDBGPPartner Extension Gen. Purchasing Data
BBP_PDBINRELTransaction Object Linkage (EBP)
BBP_PDCONPurchase Order Item Confirmation
BBP_PDHAD_VBusiness Transaction Versions
BBP_PDHCFSet for Tabular Customer and Solution Fields on Hdr
BBP_PDHGPBusiness Transaction Purchasing Information
BBP_PDHSCHeader Extension for Customer Fields
BBP_PDHSSHdr Extension for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on)
BBP_PDIAD_VBusiness transaction item
BBP_PDICFSet for Tabluar Customer and Solution Fields on Itm
BBP_PDIGPBusiness Transaction Item-Purchasing Information
BBP_PDISCItem Extension for Customer Fields
BBP_PDISSItem Ext. for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on)
BBP_PDLIMValue Limit
BBP_PDLINK_VTransaction – Set – Link
BBP_PDORGPurchasing Organizational Unit
BBP_PDPSETFurther Procurement Information
BBP_LOCMAPFor location details

SAP SRM Tables for?Survey

SAP SRM Survery tables are:

SAP SRM Survey Tables Description
ROST_LANG_QSTNLanguage Selection for Question
ROST_PCAT_QSTNAssign Product Category and Questionnaire to Lan
ROST_SEL_PRODCATProduct Categories for Regis
ROST_WS_QSTNWeb Survey Questionnaire
ROS_BP_PC_SURVEYAssign Vendor?&?Product Category?&?Survey
CRMD_IC_SCRATTRScript/Survey attributes (Interactive Script Editor)
ROST_WS_QSTNWeb Survey Questionnaire
ROS_BP_PC_SURVEYAssign Vendor?&?Product Category?&?Survey
TUWS_SURVEY_PUBSurvey Publishing
TUWS_TAROBJSurvey: Recipients
TUWS_TAROBJ_ATTRSurvey: Recipient Attributes

SAP SRM Tables for Address

SAP SRM Address are stored in the following tables:

ADR10Printer (Business Address Services)
ADR11SSF (Business Address Services)
ADR12FTP and URL (Business Address Services)
ADR13Pager (Business Address Services)
ADR2Telephone Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR3Fax Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR4Teletex Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR5Telex Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR6E-Mail Addresses (Business Address Services)
ADR7Remote Mail Addresses (SAP – SAP – Communication; BAS)
ADR8X. 400 Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR9RFC Destinations (Business Address Services)
ADRCOMCComm. Data Serial Number Counter (Business Address Services)
ADRCTAddress Texts (Business Address Services)
ADRGAssignment of Addresses to Other Address Groups (BAS)
ADRGPAssignment of Persons to Further Person Groups (BAS)
ADRTCommunication Data Text (Business Address Services)

For the full list check this Sdn post.?

SAP SRM Tables Diagram

You can found the SAP SRM Diagram is the following link.