SAP SRM Shopping Cart Creation – Technical Overview

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SAP SRM Shopping Cart creation will go in deep how to create a Shopping Cart in SAP SRM ( Supplier Relationship Management) with all technical details. First let’s define the main SAP SRM BO Classes Architecture, then the process of SAP SRM Shopping Cart is detailled …

SAP SRM?BO Classes (Architecture)

All SRM documents follow the same process.
The main Classes used for a SRM Business Document Creation are:

Factory class

/SAPSRM/CL_PDO_FACTORY_SC_ADV:??handle the instances of BO class ( factory )

Business Object class (BO)

/SAPSRM/CL_PDO_BO_SC_ADV: contains methods to handle all actions on BO

Dependent Object classes (DO)

Do’s Classes handles the sub-sections of SAP SRM Business Document.
For example, for SAP SRM Shopping Cart creation,you can?use?:

  • Account assignment data – /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_DO_ACCT_ASSGMNT
  • Partner data – /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_DO_PARTNER
  • Attachment data- /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_DO_ATTACHMENTS

PDO buffer class

/SAPSRM/CL_PDO_UPDATE_BUFF_SC : handles all buffers for SAP SRM Business Document.

Meta data classes

For each Document, the?Depending Objects meta data can be handled by :

  • Attachment – /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_META_DO_ATT

Find more details on BO classes on the ressources’s first link.

SAP SRM Shopping Cart

Adding item from catalog to SC

The following method /SAPSRM/IF_PDO_BO_SC~ADD_ITEMS_FROM_CATALOG is called. Within this method the SAP function module?FM BBP_WS_IMPORT_SC_DATA ( the corresponding ?BADI is BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER).
In this BADI, the data is transfered from the Catalog to the new created item.

Then the method WRITE_TO_PDO_BUF_AFTER_VALI of class /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_BO_SC is called to insert/update the item’s detail to SAP SRM Shopping Carte item buffer.

The Insertion of the Item to Shopping is done in the method?/SAPSRM/IF_PDO_BASE~SUBMIT_UPDATE …

find the details call-stack for SAP SRM ?Shopping Cart creation within the first link of the ressources section.

Order SAP SRM Shopping Cart

When ‘Order’ the SAP SRM Shopping Cart, the method? /SAPSRM/IF_PDO_BO_SC~ORDER is triggered.
Within this method the CHANGE_DOCUMENT method is called to do Business document (Shopping Cart) checks.

Finally, the BBP_PROCDOC_SAVE is called to update the status of shopping cart into Ordered Status.