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Supplier in SAP: Some important Tips and Tutorials about SAP Supplier in SAP SD (sales and Distribution) and SAP MM (Material Management)

SAP CRM Catalog e1461269538601

SAP SRM Tcodes – Main Used Transactions in SRM

SAP SRM Tcodes regroups the?common transactions used in SRM ( SAP Supplier Relationship Management). The SAP SRM Transactions are classified by topics to easily find the appropriate SAP SRM Tcodes: Organization Structure, R/3 Replication,...

SAP CRM Catalog e1461269538601

SAP SRM Tables: list of important Table for SRM

SAP SRM Tables?post lists the?the most?important Tables used in SAP SRM Supplier Relationship Management. The SAP SRM Tables are classified by Business objects:?Shopping Cart, Purchase Order, Product Category …