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SAP CRM Catalog e1461269538601

SAP SRM Tcodes – Main Used Transactions in SRM

SAP SRM Tcodes regroups the?common transactions used in SRM ( SAP Supplier Relationship Management). The SAP SRM Transactions are classified by topics to easily find the appropriate SAP SRM Tcodes: Organization Structure, R/3 Replication, Workflow. You will find at the end, the full list of

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SAP SRM Shopping Cart Creation – Technical Overview

SAP SRM Shopping Cart creation will go in deep how to create a Shopping Cart in SAP SRM ( Supplier Relationship Management) with all technical details. First let’s define the main SAP SRM BO Classes Architecture, then the process of SAP SRM Shopping Cart is

SAP CRM Catalog e1461269538601

SAP SRM Tables: list of important Table for SRM

SAP SRM Tables?post lists the?the most?important Tables used in SAP SRM Supplier Relationship Management. The SAP SRM Tables are classified by Business objects:?Shopping Cart, Purchase Order, Product Category …