The Main SAP SRM BADI’s List to enhance Standard SAP SRM

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SAP SRM BADi lists the Most used SRM Business Add-Ins.
First the list of important SAP SRM BADi’s used to enhance the standard Process of SAP Supplier Relationship Management.
Second, discover how to find any BADi in any SAP Tcodes / Reports .


SRM BAdi can be identified by the prefix ?BBP_*.
Here the list?of the?most used SAP SRM BAdi :

SAP SRM BAdi Description
BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI BAdI for Changing EBP Purchasing Documents
BBP_DOC_SAVE_BADI General BAdI for Additional Checks
BBP_ITEM_CHECK_BADI Gen. BAdI in Item Cross-Check for Message Return
BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI General BAdI in Cross-Check for Message Returns
BBP_DET_TAXCODE_BADI Exit for Determination of Tax Code
BBP_TAX_MAP_BADI Exit for mapping during tax calculation
BBP_BUDGET_CHECK Deactivate Automatic Budget Check
BBP_ACCCAT_MAP_EXP Exit for changing account assign. cat. by mapping EBR to R/3
BBP_ACCCAT_MAP_IMP Exit for changing account assign. cat. by mapping R/3 to EBR
BBP_DETERMINE_ACCT Exit while determining G/L account for account assignment
BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI ECS: PO Transfer to Logistics Backend
BBP_GROUP_LOC_PO Exit Grouping of Items for Local Purchase Orders
?BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW Exit while creating a purchase order in the backend system
BBP_CREATE_BE_RQ_NEW Exit while creating a purchase requisition in backend system
BBP_CREATE_BE_RS_NEW Exit while creating a reservation in backend system
BBP_CREAT_RFQ_IN_DPE Change Bid Invit. Data Before Transfer to Dynamic Bidding
BBP_CTR_BE_CREATE Exit when Creating a Contract in the Backend System
BBP_BS_GROUP_BE Grouping of Shopping Cart Items for Follow-on Documents
BBP_TRANSFER_GROUP Subsequent Split of Grouping
BBP_DETERMINE_LOGSYS? Exit while determining target system of item
BBP_TARGET_OBJECTS Exit while determining target objects in backend
BBP_TARGET_OBJTYPE Exit while determining target objects in backend
BBP_RESERVATION_GRP Grouping of Reservations
BBP_ARCHIVING_BADI BAdI Implementation for Archiving Contracts
BBP_ATT_CHECK Attachments
BBP_AUTHORITY_CHECK Further Authorization Checks f. Documents in EBP
BBP_AVL_DETERMINE Determination of Sourcing via AVL
BBP_BADI_SUPP_MONI Activate Supplier Monitor
BBP_BIDDER_USER Also Create User When Bidder Is Created
BBP_BID_DET_PROCTYPE Determine Bid Invitation Transaction Type
BBP_BID_EVAL_DISPLAY Bid Comparison: Display Control
BBP_BUHI_VEND Definition of Vendor Hierarchy Types
BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER ?Exit for transferring catalog shopping cart
BBP_CATEGORY_ENABLE ?Is 'category specials' released ?
BBP_CAT_CALL_ENRICH BAdI for Transfer of Additional Parameters to Web Service
BBP_CCM_CHAR_MAINT Transfer of Additional Characteristics to SAP CCM
BBP_CFOLDER_BADI BAdI Definition for cFolder Integration
BBP_CHANGE_APPLKEY Change PPF Application Key
BBP_CHANGE_SF_BID Smartform for E-Mails to Bidder
BBP_CHANGE_SF_CTR Change Smart Form for Contract Output
BBP_CHANGE_SF_ERS Change Smart Form
BBP_CHANGE_SF_SC Smart Form Shopping Cart Print
BBP_CHANGE_SF_VERS Change Smart Form for Version Comparison
BBP_CHANGE_URL bbp_change_url
BBP_CHNG_AGNT_ALLOW Allow Change/Add Approver
BBP_CHNG_AGNT_GET Approver Selection when Approver Changed/Added
BBP_CTR_INIT_UP BAdI to upload Contracts and GOAs to SRM
BBP_CTR_MAIL_BADI? BAdI for Changes Regarding Sending Mails
BBP_CTR_MASS_BADI Implementation of Mass Change Parameters
BBP_CTR_STAT BAdI to enable changes in the contract status
BBP_CT_PROD_ST_RULES? BAdI for Implementation of Additional Product Staging Rules
BBP_CT_PROD_TRANSFER Exit Before Transfer of Product Data to Product Master
BBP_CUF_BADI Customer Fields. Call-up of User-Defined Screen for SRM 5 and below
BBP_CUF_BADI_2 Customer Fields. Use of Standard Table Control for SRM 5 and below
BBP_SCREENVARIANT ?BAdI for Defining Screen Variants for SRM 5 and below
BBP_SC_MODIFY_UI BADI to Change Shopping Cart Layout for SRM 5 and below
BBP_DETERMINE_DYNATR? Determine Attributes in Bid Invitation
BBP_DOC_PRINTPROC BADI for Output Processing of Office Document Attachments
BBP_DP_PROD_CHK_BADI Exit for Check if Product can be a Direct Material
BBP_DRIVER_DETERMINE Determine Driver Function Modules
BBP_EXTLOCALPO_BADI? Control Extended Classic Scenario
BBP_F4_GET_ADDR_MODE? Should Address Selection Be Restricted to Company?
BBP_F4_READ_ON_ENTRY Filling of Input Helps& Initial Defaults
BBP_F4_READ_ON_EXIT? Filling of Input Helps& Final Restriction
BBP_FILE_UPLOAD_BADI? Upload File to an SRM Application
BBP_FREIGHT_BADI? Treatment of Freight Costs in Tax Calculation
BBP_GET_VMDATA_CF BAdI for Replication of Supplier Fields
BBP_IMS_CONTACT Changes the Contract for the E-Mail
BBP_ITEMS_COMPLETE_X Completion of Document Items
BBP_IV_IMS_MAIL_LAN? Definition of Language for E-Mail and PDF Form
BBP_IV_NUMBER_SET BADI? ?for Vendor Invoice Number
BBP_LONGTEXT_BADI Long Texts in SRM Documents
BBP_MESSAGES_BADI ?Check of account assignment data and message output
BBP_MON_SC? Exit for Shopping Cart Monitor
BBP_NONR3_ADDRESS Master Data Handling: Addresses
BBP_NONR3_PARTNER?? ?Master Data Handling: Business Partners
BBP_OFFLINE_APP_BADI ?Customer-Specific Modification of E-mail Approval
BBP_OUTPUT_CHANGE ?Change Output Parameters
BBP_OUTPUT_CHANGE_SF Change Output Parameters
BBP_PC_ACLPAY_BADI? ?BAdI to Fill ACLPAY Segments from PCard
BBP_PD_DOWNLOAD? ?Download Purchasing Document – Renderer
BBP_PD_SDLN_BADI?? ?Exit to Change Schedule Line
BBP_PGRP_ASSIGN_BADI ?EBP Purchasing Documents: Assign Purchasing Group(s)
BBP_PGRP_FIND ?Shopping Cart: Determine Responsible Purchasing Group(s)
BBP_PG_REASSIGN_BADI ?EBP Purchasing Documents: Assign Purchasing Groups(s) (SOCO)
BBP_PRICEDATA_READ ?Pricing: Read Price Data (simplified pricing)
BBP_PRIO_DISPLAY ?Determines Display of Priorities
BBP_PROCESS_AUC ?Process Smart Form with Changed Interface
BBP_PROCESS_BID ?Process Smart Form with Changed Interface
BBP_PROCESS_CTR ?Process Smart Form with Changed Interface
BBP_PROCESS_PO ?Process Smart Form with Changed Interface
BBP_PROCESS_QUOT ?Process Smart Form with Changed Interface
BBP_PRODCAT_HIER ?Adaptation of Product Category Hierarchy
BBP_QA_REDETERM_CTR ?Redefine the Contract to be Used (Quota Arrangement)
BBP_ROUNDING_BADI ?Rounding of Quantity Fields
BBP_SAPXML1_IN_BADI ?BAdI for changing the SAP XML inbound mapping
BBP_SAPXML1_OUT_BADI ? BAdI for changing the SAPXML outbound mapping
BBP_SAVE_BID_ON_HOLD ?Control of Bid Invitation Publication
BBP_SC_TRANSFER_BE ?Exit for Transferring Shopping Cart to the Backend
BBP_SC_VALUE_GET Determine Shopping Cart Value for User Budget
BBP_SEND_MEDIUM_MODE ?Determines the Default Settings for the Send Medium
BBP_SEND_SUPP_TO_EXT ?Settings: Send BP from ROS System to External System
BBP_SKILLS ?BAdI: Create Skills Profile
BBP_SOS_BADI ?BAdI to Search for and Check Sources of Supply
BBP_SOURCING_BADI ?Process Control in Sourcing Cockpit
BBP_SRC_DETERMINE ?Determine Sourcing for an Item
BBP_SUS_BP_DUPLCHECK ?SUS/BP Enhancement for Finding Duplicate Records
BBP_SUS_BP_TAXNUMMAP ?Enhancement for Mapping Tax Number
BBP_SUS_DOWNLD_FILES ?SUS: Download Documents as Files
BBP_SUS_FILTER_SCHAR Filter Scheduling Agreements
BBP_SUS_MAIL_DESCR ?Change Subject Field Text for E-Mail Notification in SUS
BBP_SUS_QUAN_PROPOSE ?Propose Quantities for Service Items
BBP_TRANSDATA_PREP ?BADI for processing data in replication/update
BBP_TREX_BADI ?BAdI for Time Recording (Presets and Time Proposal)
BBP_UI_CONTROL_BADI ?BAdI for Control of Fields in a Document
BBP_UNPLAN_ITEM_BADI ?BAdI for Unplanned Items: Screen Control and Presets
BBP_VERSION_CONTROL Control: Generate a Version from a Document
BBP_VE_QSTN_DET_BADI? ?Control Questionnaire Definition for SRM Vendor Evaluation
BBP_WFL_ADMIN_APPROV ?Defermination admin. approver for invoice/confirmation
BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI ?Determin. Approv. for n-Level. Dynamic Approval WFL for Application Control Workflow
BBP_WFL_EMPL_WI_BADI ?Determins Whether a Creator Receives a Work Item for Application Control Workflow
BBP_WFL_SECUR_BADI ?Overwrites the authorization level of the approver for Application Control Workflow
BBP_WF_LIST Change Worklists and Search Results Lists
BBP_WS_AGENT_SEARCH ?BAdI Determines who can use the Cross-Catalog Search for Application Control Workflow
BBP_XML2PDF ?Use XML Data for PDF Generation
BBP_XML_CONF_LOGSYS ?XML Outbound Confirmation: Changing the Logical System
BBP_XML_CONF_SEND ?XML Outbound Confirmation: Send Document?
BBP_XML_DET_SYSTEM ?Send inbound XML messages to planning system too?

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How to find any BADI in SAP SRM ?

In a previous post, I have described how to find badi in any SAP Tcodes or Reports. The same method is still valid for SAP SRM BAdI.

To learn more about SAP BADI’s in general, check the dedicated page on