SAP SRM Tables Diagram – How SRM Tables are linked ?

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SAP SRM Tables Diagram will you a idea how the main SAP SRM Tables are linked with each others.
Find also a summary of the most important SAP SRM Tables to better understand the SAP SRM Tables Diagram.

SAP SRM Tables Diagram

SAP SRM Tables List

For summary, check SAP SRM Tables Diagram and find more about Supplier Relationship management are stored:

SAP SRM Tables Description
COMM_PRODUCTThis stores Product table
COMM_CATEGORYThis stores Product category table
ROST_SEL_PRODCATThis stores Product Categories for Registration
BUT000This stores table for all kind of partners in SRM (Bidders& Vendors & Contact .. )
BBPGETVDThis stores Table VENMAP for Vendors replicated from R/3 backend
ROST_LANG_QSTNThis stores Language Selection for Question
ROST_PCAT_QSTNThis stores Assign Product Category and Questionnaire to Lan
ROST_SEL_PRODCATThis stores Product Categories for Regis
ROST_WS_QSTNThis stores Web Survey Questionnaire
ROS_BP_PC_SURVEYThis stores Assign Vendor & Product Category & Survey
CRMD_IC_SCRATTRThis stores Script/Survey attributes (Interactive Script Editor)
ROST_WS_QSTNThis stores Web Survey Questionnaire
ROS_BP_PC_SURVEYThis stores Assign Vendor & Product Category & Survey
TUWS_SURVEYThis stores Survey
TUWS_SURVEY_LOGThis stores Survey Log
TUWS_SURVEY_PUBThis stores Survey Publishing
TUWS_TAROBJThis stores Survey: This stores Recipients
TUWS_TAROBJ_ATTRThis stores Survey: This stores Recipient Attributes
ADR10This stores Printer (Business Address Services)
ADR11This stores (Business Address Services)
ADR12This stores (Business Address Services)
ADR13This stores (Business Address Services)
ADR2This stores Telephone Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR3This stores Fax Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR4This stores Teletex Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR5This stores Telex Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR6This stores E-Mail Addresses (Business Address Services)
ADR7This stores Remote Mail Addresses (SAP – SAP – Communication; BAS)
ADR8This stores X. 400 Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR9This stores RFC Destinations (Business Address Services)
ADRCOMCThis stores Comm. Data Serial Number Counter (Business Address Services)
ADRCTThis stores Address Texts (Business Address Services)
ADRGThis stores Assignment of Addresses to Other Address Groups (BAS)
ADRGPThis stores Assignment of Persons to Further Person Groups (BAS)
ADRTThis stores Communication Data Text (Business Address Services)
ADRUThis stores Table for Communication Usages
ADRVThis stores Address Where-Used List (Business Address Services)
ADRVPThis stores Person Where-Used List (Business Address Services)
BBP_PDACCThis stores Account Assignment
BBP_PDATTThis stores Document Attachment
BBP_PDBEHThis stores Backend Specific Header Data
BBP_PDBEIThis stores Backend Specific Item Data
BBP_PDBGPThis stores Partner Extension Gen. Purchasing Data
BBP_PDBINRELThis stores Transaction Object Linkage (EBP)
BBP_PDCONThis stores Purchase Order Item Confirmation
BBP_PDHAD_VThis stores Business Transaction Versions
BBP_PDHCFThis stores Set for Tabular Customer and Solution Fields on Hdr
BBP_PDHGPThis stores Business Transaction Purchasing Information
BBP_PDHSCThis stores Header Extension for Customer Fields
BBP_PDHSSThis stores Hdr Extension for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on)
BBP_PDIAD_VThis stores Business transaction item
BBP_PDICFThis stores Set for Tabluar Customer and Solution Fields on Itm
BBP_PDIGPThis stores Business Transaction Item-Purchasing Information
BBP_PDISCThis stores Item Extension for Customer Fields
BBP_PDISSThis stores Item Ext. for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on)
BBP_PDLIMThis stores Value Limit
BBP_PDLINK_VThis stores Transaction – Set – Link
BBP_PDORGThis stores Purchasing Organizational Unit
BBP_PDPSETThis stores Further Procurement Information
BBP_PDTAXThis stores Tax
BBP_PDTOLThis stores Tolerances
CDCLSThis stores Cluster structure for change documents
CDHDRThis stores Change document header
CDPOS_STRThis stores Additional Change Document – Table for STRINGs
CDPOS_UIDThis stores Additional Table for Inclusion of TABKEY>70 Characters
CRMD_LINKThis stores Transaction – Set – Link
CRMD_ORDERADM_HBusinessThis stores Transaction
CRMD_ORDERADM_IBusinessThis stores Transaction Item
CRMD_PARTNERThis stores Partners
CRM_JCDOThis stores Change Documents for Status Object (Table JSTO)
CRM_JCDSThis stores Change Documents for System/User Statuses (Table JEST)
CRM_JESTThis stores Individual Object Status
CRM_JSTOThis stores Status Object Information
SROBLROLBThis stores Persistent Roles of BOR Objects
SROBLROLCThis stores Persistent Roles of Business Classes
SRRELROLESThis stores Object Relationship Service: This stores Roles
STXBThis stores SAPscript: This stores Texts in non-SAPscript format
STXHThis stores STXD SAPscript text file header
STXLThis stores STXD SAPscript text file lines
TOA01This stores Link table 1
TOA02This stores Link table 2
TOA03This stores Link table 3
TOAHRThis stores Container table for HR administration level
The function modules for different business objectsThis stores Modules :
BBP_PD_SC_GETDETAILThis stores Shopping Cart
BBP_PD_PO_GETDETAILThis stores Purchase Order
BBP_PD_CONF_GETDETAILThis stores SRM Confirmations
BBP_PD_INV_GETDETAILThis stores Invoice and Credit Memo