A guide to Understanding SAP FSCM Dispute Management – Online Course

A guide to Understanding SAP FSCM Dispute Management – Online Course. This is an Udemy courses covering the keys topis for Discput Management in SAP.?Get the course nowicon

Dispute Management in SAP Course Description

  • Dispute Management?first of all is a sub module in?SAP?FSCM helping resolve disputes between company and its customers
  • It will help you understand how and when the dispute cases are created,?and also how can they be?managed and resolved. A step by step tutorials in this course shows how to configure the module in your company
  • This course will help users gain?intermediate level of knowledge of?Dispute management Module in?FSCM. Therefore This SAP software course about SAP FSMC Dispute Management use some specific terminology relevant to the SAP Business and Dispute management.
  • Simple and easy to understand, therefore this course gives the most of all?Dispute Management Module topics. Video Lectures made most of the course materials. Reservce a couple of hours to go through all the Video courses and all sample. This time frame gives, hopefully,?a good understanding about the Dispute Management in SAP FSCM.
  • This course also requires user to have a basic knowledge of Accounts Receivable module.?This course will be very beneficial for you as this is one of the most in demand modules in SAP.

Understanding SAP FSCM Dispute Management

Here the Curriculum of this online course about FSCM Dispute Management ?speaking about this course:

Section 1: Course Introduction
Lecture 1 Self Intro 01:33
Preview of SAP FSCM DM
Lecture 2 Introduction to Dispute Management 01:09
Lecture 3 Dispute Case 01:56
Section 2: Dispute Case Processing
Lecture 4 Create Dispute case in SAP FSCM Dispute Management 08:45
Lecture 5 Create Dispute case Continued 02:30
Lecture 6 How to Attach Documents to dispute case 01:42
Lecture 7 Different Ways to create a dispute case in SAP FSCM 13:32
Section 3: Configuration for Dispute Management
Lecture 8 Business Functions and Case Record Model 05:01
Lecture 9 Case Type for Configuration of Dispute Management 14:30
Lecture 10 Case Type Profiles 10:24
Lecture 11 Function profile 13:55
Lecture 12 Case Profiles Continued 06:50
Lecture 13 Action Profiles 06:26
Section 4: Process Integration with account receivables
Lecture 14 Integration Steps 09:55
Lecture 15 Attribute Values 03:58
Lecture 16 Reason?Codes 01:17

In conclusion, check this?guide to Understanding Dispute Managementicon?and you have all most the main topics of SAP FSCM Dispute Management.